Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Architecture Wednesday: The Prinseneiland House

I wish I knew more about this house in the Prinseneiland neighborhood of Amsterdam. I know that Prinseneiland is 1 of 3 man-made  islands in Amsterdam’s Centrum district, and that they are collectively known as Westelijke Eilanden, or the ‘Western Islands’.

The Prinseneiland neighborhood is really a small village; you can go on a boat cruise around the islands, visit local shops, or explore its canal houses. It’s mostly known for its art scene, which draws in a multitude of creative minds, from actors and musicians to artists and furnituremakers. In Prinseneiland brick homes with open shutters are a common sight, like this home, which was formerly in use as a pillow factory and a garage until being renovated into a warm and eclectic family home.

I love the openness of the front, almost as though it’s a small shop, but that front area is the original part of the factory, with its aged brick walls and wooden beams. The first room is a sitting area and a library and perhaps a small office, and a music room all in one, but walk through steel-framed French doors and you are in the open-plan living and dining and kitchen area.

The kitchen, with its massive skylight and interior window that rings light into a small central bedroom,  features a mixture of green tiles, green painted mullions, and exposed wood beams that contrast sharply with the industrial stainless-steel island.

Down a small hallway is that central bedroom, along with another bedroom and to baths. At the end of the hall is the primary suite, with fireplace, patio, sitting area, and a sleeping alcove hidden behind stained-glass doors and features its own small skylight.

Yeah, I could live there. I love the old and the new and the unusual and the Amsterdam of it all.


Dave R said...

Very nice, but honestly I would truly hate to make that bed.

Mistress Maddie said...


This was the mic drop! I love this and it is so me! More my size and love all the texture, use of wood, and the window pane and stain glass...excellent. Creates a wall without feeling like closing the room in smaller. Chic and modern yet warm and rustic. Enjoyed the subdue use of color too.

And in one of my favorite towns!!!! SOLD!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh, honey.
I'd push a bitch in a canal to get to this. Love the use of space and like Maddie said, the textures are fantastic. They did a great job in the reno.
The did a fantastic job with the decor and put attention in the communal rooms, which is important.


Bob said...

I could get used to it.

This is a definite choice for me because I love quirky ad chic and rustic and modern and Amsterdam and a good reuse of a property.

You might have to push Maddie and me into that canal!

the dogs' mother said...

The did a good job with
an unusual space!. Very
xoxo :-)

Moving with Mitchell said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Just one question: How much natural light does it get? If they answer is right, the check will be in the mail (etc.)

VRCooper said...

Love the eclectic taste of it all...Two things-1-the open window onto the sidewalk. Is there a lot of o foot traffic? Granted the meat of the house is further back. 2-The first bedroom shown has the bed wedged in there. How do you make the bed? I would hate to push to bed out each time. Can one re-orientate the bed? I am 6/2. But the other bedroom with the ceiling projector is my bedroom. Love how the closets/clothes storage is designed. Love a well-thought-out built-in. Other than that I love it. I have been to Amsterdam years ago and found the people welcoming.

Sadie J said...

Oh my gosh, I love that! Everything about it from that open front window to all of the glass walls to the brick. This is a winner for me.

Bob said...

I love an eclectic space and this one is everything.

There is a large front window, and a large rear window, and a giant skylight in the kitchen, plus I think the baths have skylights, too.
Send that check.

I'd turn that bedroom off the kitchen into an office so making the bed is no problem!

We all may have to do battle over this one!

Mistress Maddie said...

Oh Bob, Im sure we could get bunk beds!!!!

Travel said...

Yeah, I like parts of it, and parts of it leave me flat. The green bedroom is not really workable. Ths kids room is a nice space, poorly utilized. I could make it work, maybe

Moving with Mitchell said...

The check is in the mail... I love you... And, now, what was that third lie?