Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Funny Papers

This one took a minute until I saw the medals, and then it made sense.

RJ Matson, Steve Breen, Ed Hall, Jack Ohman, Clay Bennett, Kevin Siers, Matt Wuerker, Nick Anderson, David Horsey, Deb Milbrath, Bill Bramhall, Darrin Bell, Michael de Adder, JD Crowe, Mike Luckovich


Jim said...

Another good collection this week Bob.
The very last one says it all for sure.

Dave R said...

Number 3 definitely, since we know she's not talking to anybody but the conservative base.

Travel said...

Love the last one!

the dogs' mother said...

Lots of fun...!?
xoxo :-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good ones!

Steve Reed said...

The "True Believers" -- SO true. And the life cycle is accurate too!

Anonymous said...

Labor shortage? Well, scarcity increases value.

The funny thing is, California used to be deep red. Clinton only got a plurality twice (true of most states TBH), and before that, the last Democrat to win was LBJ, and only six states voted for Goldwater, ironically for reasons unrelated to his (at the time crazy far right but now left of center because an entire generation of Dems in Washington were collaborators) policies: Basically he was from Arizona and the South hated LBJ for telling them black people had to be treated as human beings. While the rest of the country heard how casual Goldwater was about nukes and said no, just no. A reminder that Washington swings like a pendulum do.

Sadie J said...

It's all enough to make me feel ill. That last one is #1 for me this week.

VRCooper said...

All great choices...The last is a message for all...The way the Republicans are going at things it looks like it will not change for a while...I am disappointed that we don't have a greater majority in the House and Senate to buffer those folks who are not for helping the American people and our democracy...The hypocrisy is blinding...They are no longer saying the quiet part out loud...They are going full throttle 24/7...Amy made those comments at a partisan event-Mitch's place-and Thomas has been an Uncle Tom long before Anita H. came on the scene...There I said it...All this makes one wish to be Vip Van Winkle...Just wake me up when we are headed in the right direction...

Mistress Maddie said...

The Abbott right on the money.

Bob said...

Thanks. The last one says it all for me, too.

I find it the height of stupidity to think that she thinks anyone believes a word she says.

Me, too!

Fun?I dunno ... =)

Thanks. It was a good crop this week.

The phrase ‘True Believers’ always scares me because I can’t imagine that blind loyalty to a false god like Thing 45.

YTes, and I am ready for it to swing back from racist traitorous GOPers.
That last one, good common sense, kinda makes up for some of the others.

I’m hoping people will see that when Blues vote Blues win, and that we will get out there in greater numbers and turn the House and Senate all the way Blue Majority.
Then we can get some things done!

Yes, and he’s so stupid he doesn’t even see it.

uptonking said...

Love that last one!

The one with the dog chewing the uterus is a bit graphic. Visceral. So effective?

It's nice to see a variety of topics being covered this week. Kizzes.

Ur-spo said...

the set has some hope to them.

Bob said...

I like the last one, too, and the dog one? Well, it needs to be said.

Nice for a change, eh?

Bohemian said...

I think Manchin just likes all the Attention and Power bestowed upon a Nobody Politician that comes from a Nothing State that probably has a Population smaller than most Big Cities in other States and has a reputation for having a lot of desperately Poor constituents... I mean, otherwise nobody would know who the Hell he even is! Yet, wouldn't his constituents benefit more than most from all that he's blocking? So, clearly his decisions are self-motivated entirely... he sounds more like part of the GOP in disguise to me, are we even sure he's a Democrat... REALLY?

todd gunther said...

The Life Cycle is spot on!