Thursday, September 23, 2021


Last week, as I was getting ready to leave work, I received a text from Carlos and this is our conversation:

“Hi sweetie, where would you like to have lunch in Columbia tomorrow?”

“Why am I going to Columbia tomorrow?”

“I have an interpretation with the public defender’s office.”

It goes on with me telling Carlos I didn’t know about the interpretation and him telling me that he texted about it, and me not having that text on my phone. So, I start driving home, using Siri to send texts to him as I drove, and sending the last one  as I pulled into the garage.

In the house we had a small less-than-spat because Carlos insisted he’d sent the appointment text and yet it was neither on my phone nor his. It went round and round, until I went to change my clothes, and as I came back to the kitchen, I heard Carlos talking with his Siri, which he had programed to speak with an English accent, and that went like this:

“Hey Siri, did I get a new text?”

Siri, sounding a little like High Grant says:

“You have a new text from Bob. Shall I read it?”


“Bob says: ‘Suck a dick.’”

I kinda giggled at that.

Tuxedo has decided that, from now on, Michael Flynn will be known as General Disinformation.

Missouri’s chief disciplinary counsel, citing Mark and Patricia McCloskey’s guilty pleas to misdemeanors for waving at Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Louis last year, is asking the state Supreme Court to suspend Boozy and Clod’s law licenses.


We’re watching Impeachment: American Crime Story, about the blowjob heard ‘round the world, and it appears that Paula Jones—who says Bill Clinton exposed himself to her in the early 90s—is very unhappy with Annaleigh Ashford’s portrayal of her in the show, calling it cartoonish, insulting, inaccurate, and deeply offensive. But she also has words for Monica Lewinsky, who is credited as a producer—Ryan Murphy didn’t feel right making the show without Lewinsky’s involvement—and says:

“I find it funny that Monica can have a relationship in the Oval Office, under the Oval desk, yet … people want to hear her story. It makes no sense to me. I have always been shunned and made fun of.”

Paula, honey, Bill showed you his dick once, but he stuck his dick into Monica over the course of many months; you are just an asterisk, okay?

Sidenote: I will say again that Monica Lewinsky is not a victim of sexual harassment. It takes two to tango, and from the show, which again Monica is a co-producer, the first time she meets Clinton she tells him she has a crush on him. On another occasion, she pulls her jacket up to show him the straps of her pink lacy thong. Plus, even more importantly, he wasn’t just her boss, he was the president, and she knew he was a married man and still she went for it.

Both Bill and Monica are to blame. The victim is Hillary Clinton.

This past at the Emmys RuPaul’s Drag Race won the award for outstanding competition program again, making RuPaul the most decorated Black artist in Emmy Awards history.

Shantay, Ru slayed.

Just a reminder that the vaccinated Fox News hacks like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and the rest of the trash continue to bash the vaccine and claim that mandates are tyranny, but they are ALL vaccinated because their employer has mandated that they take the vaccine or not come to work.

Hypocrites. Lying, twisted hypocrites.

Another hypocrite is one Eric Clapton who wrote an anti-vaxxing song and said he would not play in any venue that requires proof of vaccine or proof of a negative COVID test.

Last week Clapton performed in New Orleans at a venue that requires both of those things.

Fuck off.

Remember that press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court last year with “doctors” touting hydroxychloroquine, and receiving praise from the Former Guy?

Well, Florida’s new Surgeon General, appointed by Ron DeathSantis, is Dr. Joseph Ladapo, who was one of those speakers.

Asking for a country: can someone please ask Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin exactly what “bipartisanship” they’re salvaging by protecting the filibuster?

Mitch McConnell has just said he’d let the government default on loans which could cost six million American jobs and wipe out $15 trillion in household wealth.

There is no bipartisanship on the other side, there is just the need to destroy this country and then blame Biden for it.

The body of Gabby Petito has been found and people are still suggesting this might not have happened if her parents had taught her to leave an abusive and toxic relationship.

But why don’t parents teach their sons not to be abusive, to take ‘No’ for an answer.

Stop blaming the victims.

This week in Would You Hit It we are featuring Alexander Ludwig, a Canadian actor and singer and big blond hunk of beef who is currently starring as a wrestler in Heels. I will also add that the man possesses one of the finest asses seen on TV and ask the question:

Would you hit it?

While mentioning the murder of Gabby Petito, it also needs to be brought up how many people of color go missing every year, hell, every day, and yet are not featured on every single news cast every single day.


Helen Lashbrook said...

My daughter died as an indirect result of an abusive relationship. You cannot make an adult child do as you want, you can only suggest; you certainly don't have coercion power in a non-abusive parent-child relationship. I never thought that my child would be in an abusive relationship and she certainly never informed us and any teenager would refuse to listen. We all know, having been teenagers, there would be no chance of agreement over such an issue between a teenager and her/his parents.

Mistress Maddie said...

This ...“Hey Siri, did I get a new text?”
Siri, sounding a little like High Grant says:

“You have a new text from Bob. Shall I read it?”


“Bob says: ‘Suck a dick.’” HAD ME IN STICHES!!!!!!

I have been watching ACS Impeachment too. I thought Sarah, playing Linda Tripp, and the actress portraying Paula...NAILED IT. Its almost eerie.

The Gabby Petito story bothers me a bit. I feel sad for her and her family...but yet again was it because she was white? Daniel Robison who was a geologist went missing in the desert outside of Buckeye and his father and family are still searching for him, yet it got very little news. Even after all the suspicious evidence they have found so far.

Eric Clapton. Never could stand him or his music.

Bob said...

But you don't blame your daughter for what happened, you blame the perpetrator. But in this patriarchal world, the women are always at fault while the men get away with things.

Gabby Petito was EVERYWHERE for the last couple of weeks, and that's good because I'm sure it helped resolve her case, but when there are people of color missing it is barely a blip, and sometimes not even that, on the news scene.

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
Fall is here and some folks
seem to be falling into
xoxo :-)

Sheila Morris said...

And in keeping with your theme, Bob, no one even knows the number of missing women in the US and Canada who are members of indigenous tribes. No records were kept until recently when a specific initiative tried to count the murdered and/or missing, but they stopped when the numbers were greater than 4,000.
Every Bobservation today was spot on for me.
I particularly enjoyed RuPaul at the Emmys - I am a recent RuPaul convert after AJ and the Queen.
Late to that wonderful party.
Pretty and Carlos would make quite the pair with their texting. hugs and kisses, Bob

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good post with many worthy items today!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Let's have a KiKi:
My siri is also male and Australian, thankyouverymuch. I like men with accents telling me what to do. Sue me.
Tux, always right. And I hope the Missouri MAGAts (Boozy and Clod LOL) are DRAGGED. Talking about Drag, Ru did that. Yes.

I agree, both Bill and Monica fucked Hillay over. Yes, I said that.

Hypocrites: should be called out. Over and over. And over.

Gabby Petito: didn't I write that the media was gonna be all over this? It was. But because Gabby IS white and an 'influencer' it's everywhere. When hundreds of POC (especially women) have dissapeared in the same area between 2011 and 2021 nobody heard anything. Shame! Wytepepl are gonna wytepel all the time. Selective outrage.

And was there a question related to Alexander? Yes?


Janie Junebug said...

How did Carlos react to the text read by a British Siri? I wish I'd been there to hear it. I'll have to wait for American Crime Story to show up on Netflix or Hulu. I don't have live TV anymore. You're right, though, that Hillary was the victim. As you can imagine, I'm thrilled *rolling my eyes* by Florida's surgeon general. Sadly, I'm not surprised that Gabby and her parents are being blamed for her murder. The women of color who disappear will probably never capture the attention of the online sleuths who drew so much attention to Gabby.


BootsandBraids said...

That text had me in stitches as well. I'm assuming Siri did not misquote you. I'm watching Impeachment as well. They're really doing a job on making Linda Tripp to be beyond disgusting in every way. And did you catch who's playing Paula Jones' husband? The actor's voice seemed so familiar. I focused and focused and focused in on him and then suddenly made out ... it's Eugene from Walking Dead.

Dave R said...

Flynn should have been committed a long time ago.

The McCloskeys are the new poster children for "dumb fucks."

Your right about Monica and Bill.

DeSantos doesn't care how many die, as long as he wrangle his base out to vote.

Alex... that's all I need to say.

Bob said...

Crazy if the new Autumn.

Exactly. It’s only photogenic white girls the media seems to want to cover all day every day. It doesn’t take much, though, show their picture, say their name, give a number to call if you have info. Find these people so their loved ones can have some sense of closure.
I’ve been a huge RuFan for many many years.
Carlos is a hoot, plain and simple.
Thanks for reading.


I have a live man with a sexy accent telling me what to do so I know exactly what you’re saying!
It irks me that Monica climbs out of the shadows every few years to once again say how badly she was treated by the press over her affair with a married man, while using the press to get attention for herself today.
I’m sorry for Gabby and her family, but I am more sorry for every single person of color who had been ignored by the media over the years and years and years.
The question about Alex …Oh Yes.

Carlos knows me so well that he just laughed. He’s used to the inanities that come out of my mouth for no reason at all.
I cannot believe even DeathSantis would pick one of the hydroxychloroquine loons.
I’m real tired of people of color being treated as less than in this country. It’s 2021 for goddess’ sake.

No, ma’am, Siri said exactly what I said, though it was tongue in cheek, so to speak.
Linda Tripp WAS vile human, using Monica for a few coins.
I never saw Walking Dead but I saw him on some sitcom a couple of years ago. It’s quite a different part for him.

He should be stripped of any military title he has.
Poor Boozy and Clod.
I get annoyed that people think Monica is a victim because Clinton was a powerful man. But she knew ALL that before she started with him, including his wife and child at home. Nope, Monica, don’t buy it. Never have.
Alex. I don’t usually go for blonds but I will make this exception.

Ur-spo said...

this was certainly a long list of villains.
I haven't followed the murder of the mentioned woman, but I thought 'while lady' gets media attention.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I just spoke with Siri. She says she’s embarrassed by the things you make her tell Carlos. “Suck a dick.” Really! You guys are hilarious. (Did Carlos ever find that message he didn’t send?) SG has been known to send messages to me on an email account I haven’t used in more than 10 years.

Salad dressing? Can Flynn BE that ignorant?

Yay, Missouri’s chief disciplinary counsel.

Consulting adults, yes! Bill Clinton was president and should have been better than that. But still, consulting adults.

Fox News assholes.

I can never again listen to music by Eric Clapton. What a disappointment. What a jerk. What a hypocrite. What a shame.

Alexander Ludwig? No.

Thanks for sharing that Tweet. So tragically true.

Travel said...

I don't get text messages like that.

Steve Reed said...

It IS fascinating how much press coverage this one missing woman has received. What is it with our American infatuation with missing blondes?

Of course Monica is partly to blame for the Clinton thing, but although I supported Clinton throughout his presidency and during that ridiculous sham of an impeachment, I think he bears more responsibility. He was perhaps the ultimate example of a powerful man taking advantage of a less-powerful woman. I don't think it's too much to expect of a married man in that situation to say no to a much younger subordinate, even if she is crushing on him. I am NOT a Clinton hater, by a long shot, but he behaved really badly.

uptonking said...

NBC News... which I am beginning to think has been secretly bought by Rupert Murdoch, did a story about the fact that there is so much attention when a pretty white girl goes missing, but zip when people of color go missing. They featured four out of thousands of stories of POC who are missing. But not a word about all the transgender women who are being brutally murdered on a regular basis. I know... limited time. Still... maybe we could cut back a little about Taco Bell's new drive thru window and focus on something a bit more real?

Ludwig. No. Ick.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Bob. But, yes... victim blaming is easier than rooting out the cause.

Sinema and Manchin are azzhats. I have no idea what country they think they live in.

Deathsantis appointing a hack... gee, just life as usual in Horrida Florida.

Clapton is an azzhat. No one wants to see him mumble his way through a set anyway.

It's funny that the news media doesn't call them out on the hypocritical ways of Fox News... I mean, given that the pundits on that channel have no problem ripping into the flesh of anything that doesn't fit their narrow view, I don't see why all media doesn't take the gloves off and tell it like it is.

Ru still has a show with lots of problems, so not celebrating him anymore. If he got honest and cleaned house and changed the way he does business? I'd root for him again. And I realize he's an icon and has done much for drag. But what he's doing now is squeezing nickels and allowing some racist practices on his shows. Clean house, beyotch!

I don't like Ryan Murphy anymore. He's exploitative. And a poor writer.

Hee, hee... good for Missouri's CDC. Hit 'em where it hurts. Racist cretins.

Is that true? Salad dressing? Flynn has a low threshold when it comes to making shit up.

Love the Carlos story. Poor dear. Kizzes. Thanks for the feed.

Bob said...

Lotsa sick and twisted these days. And while I do feel so sorry for Gabby Petito and what happened to her, nearly half of all missing persons in this country are people of country and yet nearly all the stories of missing people are about white women.

“Suck a dick” is a phrase I use when railing at the TV news, but it took on a whole new tome when hearing a polite Englishman say it. And, no, Carlos never found the text BECAUSE HE NEVER SENT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, Flynn can be, and is, that ignorant. He’s deeply QAnon.
I think they BOTH could have been better.
Clearly Clapton is all about the money.
I like Alex. I’ve never climbed a Norwegian peak.
We really have to do better, Black Lives Matter isn’t just about police brutality, it’s about how we in this country treat and view people of color ... in 2021!!!!

Carlos does!

Blond women are American, while women and men of color, and as Upton pointed out below, and trans women, are not?
I blame Monica and Bill equally. His ego got in the way, and he’s long been a dog, but she came on to him knowing he was married. That speaks volumes to me.

It takes barely a minute to post a phot of a missing person of color, or trans person, say their name and put up a phone number, but by all means let’s talk nonsense instead.
I’ll wrestle with some Alex.
I get so tired of … a woman is murdered and the first question is what did she do wrong. Or a woman is raped and what was she wearing?
You can call out Fox News all the time, but their viewers won’t believe you.
Murphy is a little over-done, but we’re liking Impeachment.
Yes, indeed, the former general and current QAnon poster boy said that.
Carlos slays me. His Siri slays me.

Treaders said...

That video of Gabby crying and blaming HERSELF for "her mental issues" just broke my heart. And then to see the asshole smiling and doing the "boys gonna be boys" thing with the cops????? As the long-time victim of physical abuse by my ex-husband I can see the gaslighting and the crazy-making a mile off (now, but then I'm older)! I'm just so glad I did my bit by getting a domestic violence conviction against that bastard when I did - although god knows I should have done it earlier. RIP Gabby!