Thursday, September 09, 2021


Last week I was in our home office, working on the computer when the landline rang; and, yes, we still have  a landline, sue me. It was Carlos, calling me on his cell phone from our back deck, which he was cleaning. Our aging Pocket Dog, Ozzo, has some trouble navigating the stairs and occasionally he will poop on the deck, and Carlos was picking it up. But he needed me to come out and, um, “Point out the poop” so he could clean it up. As I saw no poop, I advised him to use the leaf blower, and then sweep, and that should work.

Another hour passed and Carlos comes in wincing in pain because he decided to sweep under one of the potted rose bushes and lifted the huge pot filled with soil and a rose bush by himself.

My husband. He needs me to Spot the Poop but thinks he can lift a giant pot all by himself. Today marks a week since his spasm and he is still wandering through the house muttering:

“Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.”

And now I’m in pain.

Tuxedo just wants to break it down real simple for the those of you in the back.

Just in time for the 9/11 anniversary, Thing 45 reminded Newsmax that on that date he was “down there” helping out after the attacks, a lie he’s been spewing for decades.

True, he was “near” the site, but he’s never proven that he helped, and now he has a new piece of the story, one he’s never told and it’s a doozy:

“We were hearing creaks—I’ve never forgotten it, it was I think the United States Steel Building it was called at the time; it was 50 stories tall, and we heard creaks. I said, ‘That building is going to come down,’ and two big firemen grabbed me, and grabbed other people, and they just moved out of that area. Never came down, but I never heard a noise like that. And it was a scary situation.”

He heard a building “creak” and he had to be rescued.

Fuck all the way off, grifter.

PS He plans to spend the 20th anniversary of 9/11 by calling a boxing match because, well, he’s being paid

I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars—never have, never will—because, well, stars? No so much,

Case in point, as I saw on GMA this week, is that one Olivia Jade will be one of the “stars” this season. Don’t know her? She is the daughter of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, the two who tried to buy her way into USC by forging pictures of Olivia as an Olympic worthy rower.

So, perhaps this season should be called Dancing with the Children of Rich People Who Tried to Bribe Their Way Into Getting Their Children Into Good Universities Even Those Their Daughters Are Dumb As A Box Of Attention Seeking Rocks.

Too long?

Daily coronavirus infections are more than four times what the U.S. was seeing on Labor Day last year … a 316% increase.

You can blame the highly contagious delta variant while I lay the blame at idiot anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers.

Oh, and COVID hospitalizations are up 158% from this time last year when we were in the midst of the pandemic.

We will never learn.

And in Florida, one of the states hardest hit by the Delta variant because they are idiots with a fool for governor, don’t even think to ask how many people are dying every day because the state of Florida won’t say.

They will not release that information because as many more people die every single day it makes those in charge look bad.

As murderers often do.

Former Thing 45 lapdog and liar Kellyanne Conway is rejecting a request from the Biden administration that she resign from the United States Air Force Academy’s board  or face termination. Conway said in a letter to Biden:

“Your decision is disappointing but understandable given the need to distract from a news cycle that has you mired in multiple self-inflicted crises and plummeting poll numbers.”

She ended the letter saying it was a “privilege” to serve under grifter, rapist, racist, adulterer and con artist Thing 45 “whose actions resulted in the deaths of terrorists” including Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps commander Qasem Soleimani.

She forgot to mention the 600,000+ Americans her former boss murdered, and the 5,000 Taliban terrorists he let out of jail.

Now Joe will simply fire her … You’re fired … which has an ironic ring to it ... and she will slither back to the crypt.

Texas Right to Life’s website,, which asks people to inform on those obtaining or facilitating abortions, has not stayed up for long, as website registration providers have said the online form to submit “whistleblower” reports violates their rules.

First, GoDaddy booted the group from its platform, and they scurried over to Epik, until that site told the Texas organization hat it had violated the company’s terms of service.


This is an old feature of ISBL that I might revive for Bobservations; it was called, simply, Would You Hit It?

This is Finn Wittrock, who has been a staple on American Horror Story for several seasons now and is the star of this season’s ‘Red Tide’.

The rules are simple … Would.You.Hit.It. Yes or No.


  1. Hell girl, you KNOW damn well I'd tap Finn!! And he looks good on AHS this season too. I think the show got it's groove back this season, and a nice surprise to see Eureka O Hara. Who knew she could run?

    People be bitching about the dump not showing up at the20th anniversary of 9/11. But do we really want him there???

    Poor Carlos. I think he'd be better searching out the dog droppings.

    As for the rest of this muck...drop them in the dumpster dear. Humans never learn from history or a lesson. One reason I hope the virus claims more. This isn't over by a long shot.

  2. $49.99 per person fool enough to want to waste money on listening to someone Satan would be ashamed of sheltering in Hades. and at that someone scared of a little creak that came to nothing - of course der Trumpenfuhrer was helping out after 9/11 - he was probably trying to make money off the Twin Towers fall; if that ain't helping out, what is?

  3. Well, anything that Agolf Twitler or Kellyanne Conjob say is gonna be a lie, so why bother? I hope they both disappear soon.
    Tuxedo? Always right. Carlos? Honey, I feel you.

    I'd let Finn tap it and tap it again. I'm enjoying AHS. It's disturbing and fun. And no, I don't watch DWTS. Watched when Adam Rippon was in it for shit and giggles and to make sure that the gay guy would get ratings, but that's about it.

    And I love that the Handmaid's Tale website went kaput. Sick idiots.


  4. (Carlos) (Tuxedo)
    Hope Carlos heals well.
    xoxo :-)

  5. You best tell Carlos we aren't 23 anymore. Tell him to watch that stuff as Im sure you do.

    I wouldn't want Trump at any September 11th memorials. He can just go off to the fights.

    And I watch AHS and see much of myself in Belle Noir. But Finn gets this old broad going. Ah, if I was years younger. And that Maddie cracked me up with that Eureka running! She is bad. But when she appeared I thought_ I know that drag queen!

  6. I hope Carlos' back feels better soon!

  7. Believe me, I know about spasms... heating pads and naproxen work wonders.

    How about Dancing with the Untalented Grifters for that dance show?

    No matter how hard Desantis tries to cover up the death toll, it will come out... and end for him badly.

    I don't know what it is about kellyanne, but she keeps getting uglier by the day.

    And Finn? Of course.

  8. That old photo of 45's pie hole is one I was hoping not to ever seen again, and if I wasn't too afraid that, at my age, I'd hurt myself with that stud muffin Finn ... yes I would.

  9. @Maddie
    I have been a Finn-atic since I first saw him on AHS. I love that they are doing two different stories this year.
    You slayed me …. Eureka running!!
    Let’s not ever forget Thing 45s lie about Muslims cheering in 9/11.
    I am not sorry at all for these anti-intelligence asshats getting sick and dying. That’s what happens to stupid fools.

    How come a “billionaire” is charging a fee for this? Someone needs more coins.

    Like Adam Lambert, Finn has that swarthy look that I love.

    He is much better today. Thanks,

    Carlos does still think he’s a whippersnapper, when he’s more of a backsnapper!
    Finn gets this old queen going, and if you see yourself in Belle Noir you are clearly what I thought you were all along: fabulous!
    And Eureka running, in a turban no less, was wonderful!

    He’s on the mend. I haven’t heard one ‘Ow’ all day!!

    Carlos doesn’t do medications ao the heating pad did the trick for him.
    Kellyanne’s ugly is seeping from the inside to the outside.

    Sorry about the piehole.
    But you’re welcome for Finn.

  10. Methinks Orange Anus has a recurring fireman fantasy….

    KellyAnne’s looks…well, that’s just the ugly coming out in her.

  11. I was in New York on 9/11, and I remember exactly ZERO news stories mentioning Donald Trump helping out at Ground Zero. For what it's worth. I don't know how KellyAnne Conway, or any of his enablers, sleep at night.

    Love the tweet. As for Finn, I'm assuming it's a rhetorical question.

  12. Tweet: Nice graphic.

    Finn? Pass. Boring.

    Re: Texas Snitch Site... if they ever do find a platform that will host them, hackers have vowed to make their lives miserable... so, yay! F Texas.

    Kelly Ann ConJob is such a joke. I can't believe, now that she's not getting paid to spew that crap that continues to do so. This means she believes all the lies she's spouted. She should be in jail. She's complicit in murder.

    I like that they can withhold info in Florida. How is that allowed. Where is the media on this? Instead, they're beating up Biden because a bunch of stupid uncooperative Americans got left in Afghanistan. F the media. And F Florida

    Olivia Jade has more botox in her face than Melanie Griffith. What is wrong with the world that we celebrate and allow a criminal to dance for us on the television set? This country's priorities are a mess, as is our culture. We don't need another no-talent social influencer.

    The other presidents, the ones that actually did their job, though arguments could be made for the opposite in GW case, are gathering at the site to honor 9/11. Why isn't the orange ogre in jail, yet? Or better? Gone from this earth? Someone's not doing their job.

    Good point, Tux. But just the hetero peens... leave the gay ones alone.

    So, do you live in a mansion? Because I don't understand the whole calling you from outside the house when you are in the house? But then he has the strength to lift a rose bush and injure his back? Scratching my angry, cranky head on this one.

    Thanks, Bob. I am cranky. Too much coffee.

  13. Bob, I too am loving this story arc this season. I think I read Kathy Bates is in the second half, but I could be wrong.

    And totally agree with Uptonking. All I heard about was how the Dump would be jailed upon leaving the White House..... he and some of his spawn...Meanwhile, almost a year later........

  14. Bob,

    I see through Carlos. He is wanting a little cuddle. Someone to rock him and say it will be ok. Do your wifely duties.

    As for Finn. That is a child. No!! I will not hit it. I have jockstraps older than him. Now give me a mature man, some fur, not overly built, a nice heart and then we can talk.

    The rest of the post, I just can't. I am so over the COVID crazies. I may have mentioned that I interview individuals who are positive with COVID-Case Investigators/Contact Tracer. I have been doing it for a little over a year. Yes, I have met some nice folks BUT there are some I want to shake. Your kids are under 12 so they can't be vaccinated-yet-and you as their parents are not. What fresh hell is this? And just folks who have been reading the bottom of a birdcage for information. I am just tired of it all. I know a guy whose surgery was canceled TWICE because there was no room at the inn. I have been in healthcare for over 20 years. This pandemic is an easy lift if folks would get their heads out of their asses. It's public health 101. We have a county that is breaking away from a trio of counties-one health department-to forge out on their own because the public health department is mandating masks in schools. Parents are livid. It so happens the county that wants to leave is one of the richest counties. Money and intellectual smarts do not mean your shit does not stink. It just means your stupid. Stupid we can fix but we need the will.

    Have a great rest of the week.



  15. @krayolakris
    Yes, the ugly is seeping through her pores.

    Just another of his lies trying to boost his bloated cheese-filled ego.
    As for Finn, yes.

    I love that Tweet!
    Finn boring? You are cranky! =)
    I love that the children of grifters are called “stars.” Back in my day we had real stars, big stars! Forgive, I’m feeling Norma Desmond-ish.
    No mansion at all, but he’d have had to come inside and down the hall to talk to me and so …phone call. He slays me. It was a puzzlement …and now I’m channeling Yul Brynner.

    I’d love to see Kathy Bates in AHS!! I like this double feature idea, keeping the stories short and ghoulishly sexy.
    I agree about Thing 45, in that the talk of jail was puffing, though the SDNY is still looking at him for tax fraud and tax evasion and that’s what finally sent Al Capone to prison.
    Fingers crossed!

    I’m not cuddling the Pooper Scooper until he’s showered!
    Finn is thirty-six, so those must be some OLD jocks!
    As for the COVIDIOTS I hate to sound cold but when they get sick and die because they were too ignorant to take a vaccine, I do a wee happy dance. Herd stupidity.

  16. I hadn't heard that about the Texas Hate page. Glad it's been taken down. I'm sure they'll find someone to host, but hopefully it will take a long time.

  17. @Sadie
    Sadly, there's always a space for hate.

  18. Your Bobservations are spot on, it's all so exhausting! Deathsantis should be drawn and quartered, along with our Covidiot Gov. Dumbass Ducey, and a few other ReTrumptard Govs. who are the Death Squad. I hope Carlos gets better, I too often lift things I shouldn't, in our Heads we still think we can.

  19. Finn Wittrock? Nice-looking guy, however, a definite No.

  20. Deathsantis may be the clip of the week for me.

  21. @Bohemian
    You can add our SC governor, Henry McMasters, AKA Henry Mc Disaster to that list!
    Carlos is much better, thanks!

    More for me?

    He makes Thing 45 look like he knows what he’s doing.


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