Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Funny Papers

Mike Smith, Bill Bramhall, Nick Anderson, Marc Murphy, Adam Zyglis, RJ Matson, Darrin BellMichael de Adder, Drew Sheneman, JD Crowe, Steve Sack, Mike Luckovich, Ed Wexler, Scott Stantis, Deb Milbrath,


uptonking said...

All powerful statements regarding the state of the world. It's sad... but are we without hope? No. For now... let's believe that right will win out. Let's give the universe the benefit of the doubt. Kizzes.

todd gunther said...

This year's fashion statements are very interesting. Thank you for another excellent collection.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A padded cell is EXACTLY where the My Pillow Guy should be.

the dogs' mother said...

Not happy with those folks
turning horses into weapons.

xoxo :-)

Steve Reed said...

That "My Pillow" guy made me laugh out loud. I love the ones about AOC's dress, too.

Dave R said...

All are super great, however the life preserver? That is so spot on!

Ur-spo said...

too sad for words

Deedles said...

I like the life preserver one.

Bob said...

I do hope that this country will right itself.

Mitch McTurtle’s jacket suits him as good as it did Melanie.

For a good looooooong nap!

I cannot believe we treat immigrants like that; cattle are better treated.

If you’ve ever seen him interviewed, you’d know he needs a My Pillow Padded Cell.

Sad but true.

Well, the first one with Biden and less craziness than Thing $% is pretty good,

Sadly, I don’t think the anti-vaxxer-maskers would grab it.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Yes, My Padded Cell, please! The guy is certifiable.

Mistress Maddie said...

A very sad commentary on the current times in this country.

Steve. Because 'Steve' is almost as nice a name as 'Paul'. said...

The fire alarm one was particularly spot on, given this past Summer. Also the 'Weekly instead of hourly' one just nails it!

Bob said...

I'd like to see him on a rock pile.

I'm waitin' on a change to come ....

I like that Biden one, too.

Travel said...

Nailed it again!

Bob said...

Thank you, sir.