Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Funny Papers

Michael de Adder, Matt Wuerker, Nick Anderson, Drew Sheneman, Adam Zyglis, Bill Bramhall, Ed Wexler, Mike Luckovich, Clay Bennett, Jack Ohman, David Fitzsimmons, Steve Sack, Kevin Siers, Mike Smith, Ed Hall


Treaders said...

I think the "Voter Suppression" board game is really good!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Our local major teaching hospital has no beds available, not because of covid but because there is no money to give social care to patients well enough to go home, but not able to look after themselves - a different failure of government.

Travel said...

Remember all of this, and VOTE, help friends get registered and VOTE,

todd gunther said...

Oh, is there good money to be made in Texanistan?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My favourite is the last one. Good riddance.

Sadie J said...

That first one. I wish they really made tests like that because I know a whole bunch of people I'd hand one to!

Dave R said...

You're an Idiot I think sums everything up rather nicely.

Bob said...

With the GOP cheating!

Healthcare is a mess almost everywhere.


For snitches and bounty hunters.

I think these monuments should be in museums where they can be remembered as part of our history, but not displayed in parks and such as something to honor.

Lotsa folks failing that one these days.

It's more polite than I would be ...

Steve Reed said...

Love the checkers game. So true! Wonder who the guy is in the second-to-last one -- the cartoonist himself?

the dogs' mother said...

Another vote coming up in CA.
Saw a report that *they* are
already calling fraud! Which
means they think they will
xoxo :-)

Bob said...

That could be Mike Smith in cartoon form!

Larry Elder, like Thing 45, is already playing the Big Lie Theory.

jsstrand said...

Sorry - cant find email for you but I thought you might like having a look at this house for your Wednesday posting -

Bob said...

Thanks. It's kina over-the-top, isn't it? But I'll save it and see if I can fit her in.

uptonking said...

The last one is not accurate. He remains a part of history... just not a part we are proud of anymore.

Kevin McCarthy's threats against the phone companies? That's gonna bite him in the azz.

Texas and Florida.... now worse than Mississippi and Alabama? Who knew this was a competition? To the bottom of the barrel?

Ur-spo said...

more sad comics that are spot-on.

Bob said...

I think the message is that he won't be on display in a place of honor any longer.
Kev is just trying to save his ass because if those call logs come out he'll have some 'splaining to do.

Sadly, yes. I was so hoping we'd be on our way to a better place by now.

Anonymous said...

@upton: Of course it's a competition. Have you listened to the way right-wingers talk about "owning the libs"? What's interesting is the sheer ancap-ness of it all: You mention collective effort and they'd rather kill everyone.

Same thing that happened after 9/11: No need to look into who was responsible (19 dudes, 15 of them Saudi, part of an organization headed by a Saudi and funded by the Saudi government, but they're "our allies" because of oil; we do not have a mutual defense agreement with Saudi Arabia, by the way). No need to ration things, just...go shopping.

@Bob: Healthcare could be more elegant, but the insurance industry and other members of the parasite class are allowed to exist.