Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Sick and Dying of Something

Robert David Steele, a devout QAnon-nutbag and COVID denier, has apparently died from the virus. Steele refused to wear a mask and called COVID a hoax.

Marc Bernier, an anti-vaxxer talk radio host, died after a three-week battle with COVID.

Caleb Wallace, a leader in the anti-mask movement in central Texas, and labeled COVID a hoax, has come down with the virus, and has been in intensive care for the past three weeks clinging to life.

Lisa Steadman, a Winter Haven woman, was recently hospitalized with COVID and is now grieving the loss of her husband who died from COVID-19 complications while she was hospitalized. Lisa says that neither of them had received a COVID-19 vaccine, not because they were against it, but because they wanted to wait.

An anonymous unvaccinated elementary school teacher in California was diagnosed with COVID has infected half of the students in their classroom. The teacher showed up to work while symptomatic, and continued to teach for two days before receiving a test.

Tim Parsons, a Kentucky pastor, has died from COVID-19 despite desperate prayers from his congregation asking the Lord to restore him “back to his normal self.”

Joe Manning, a longtime member of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office who pushed Ivermectin as a COVID drug has died after a shirt battle with the virus.

Again, in these cases, ignorance was also a virus.


Moving with Mitchell said...

I feel like I should feel something other than anger. Maybe someday.

the dogs' mother said...

Sad but not unexpected.

xoxo :-)

Linda said...

Caleb has since died. While I do not take pleasure in it since he has young children, I am aghast that there is now a GoFundMe to pay the medical bills for treatment of a disease that isn’t real.

Dave R said...

There are too many Covidiots to count.

SouthernMen said...

I am vaxed and proud to be!! Yet here I am in a hotel room after traveling 26 hours because my parents chose not to be and what looked like them having to be put on a vent because of testing positive for Covid has turned somewhat into good news because physically they are recovering but mentally they are no longer with us. However my Sister n law who was the only other vaxed member of the family is now deceased because of her 2nd shot and I will now have to be here more for my brother than my parents as we bury her on Friday. I would and this sounds a little cold but I would rather have known her and loved her and respected her more than she will ever know because she went against a very large number of anti vaxers in her family and in her married family just because she was in hopes that she would not spread the virus to others. I love you my Sister and you will forever be a fallen hero in my heart!!

Bob said...

I'm with you.

Well, if you choose to believe morons ...

Sounds about right; deny the virus but send out a money beg after the non-virus kills you.

Dying every day!

Sorry for what you're going through.

Agnes Goldberg-DeWoofs said...

Good riddance I say.

Helen Lashbrook said...

It's the complete lack of feeling of responsibility towards others, family, friends and the rest of society, that irritates me.....especially that schoolteacher, risking the lives of others to make a fallacious point.

Steve Reed said...

You said it.

Travel said...

Believe in science, follow the science. How this became political - only 45.

Sadie J said...

I've lost my capacity to be sympathetic.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh, hear that?
It's the tiniest violin, playing in the background.


Bob said...

Ignorance kills, I say.

But they need their freedumbs.

I really don't want folks to die, but if they spout this nonsense and then get very sick, they deserve it.

Sadly, you are correct. Let's make Biden look bad by not taking the vaccine and then if we get really sick, and perhaps die, well, we showed them.

It's hard with idiots.

The violinist will be playing a long while!!