Thursday, September 16, 2021


We are headed out West next month to see my dad and this week Carlos was on the phone making flight reservations. We have some AMEX miles we wanted to use and so he was dealing with one of their representatives. She reeled off several flight out options, and we picked one; then she did the same for the return. She asked how many tickets, we said ‘two,’ and she said:

“It comes to $687 before the miles and will be $459 with the miles.”

Carlos shrieked one of his Howler Monkey Shrieks™ until the woman said:

“You know that’s for both tickets, right??

“Both? Roundtrip? Both”

“Yes sir.”

Carlos’ voice dropped several decibels to a more human level and he said:

“Sounds fair. Let’s go ahead and book that then.”

Nice save. Not.

Tuxedo has zero fucks to give to this anti-women woman who does the bidding of old white men.

There are sure a lot of books coming out, and more to come, written by people who worked in the White House for Thing 45. And they want y’all to know that they were there, watching all this chaos and lunacy and criminal behavior unfold.

I, however, would like y’all to remember that they were there and saw it all and did nothing about it except wait and author a book and make money off the story of this country teetering on the edge of anarchy.

Fuck ‘em.

My father and brother have been going round and round about COVID and the vaccine. My father is a retired science and chemistry teacher and masks and social distanced and got the vaccine, while my brother is an anti-government-COVID-is-a-hoax-tool who, sad to say, might have gone to the insurrection, but is too cheap to travel cross-country.

My dad has told my brother that he cannot visit unless he comes with a recent negative COVID test and wears a mask whenever he’s around my dad. My brother won’t be visiting any time soon because …

… my brother, sister-in-law, and niece all have COVID.

Oy, the hoax of it all.

I was commenting on a blog the other day and used the word scrubdown [sic]. Now, Duchess Deedles loves to needle me about my misspelled words that Spell Check doesn’t catch, but I will say I often write ‘scrub down’ as ‘scrubdown’ because I use it like this: ‘a Silkwood Scrubdown™.’

But when commenting on the blog I wasn’t using it like that and as I Spell Checked my comment, the suggestion was made that perhaps I meant ‘SC rub down.’ I have lived in South Carolina 14 years now and have never heard of an ‘SC rub down,’ but now I am both curious and on the prowl.

I don’t watch The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City because even I don’t like that much trash, but after watching E! covering the Met Gala, RHoSLC came on and I was writing about the fashions I’d just seen so I didn’t change the channel.

I looked up in time to see the daughter of one of the "wives” ... who came to this country from Vietnam ... playing piano rather brilliantly, and then talking about how school was very important to her, and uttering the best line I’d heard in a long time when she was asked if she was a straight-A student:

“Well, I am Asian, I’m not B-sian.”


I wanna be her when I grow up,

It boggles my mind that parents will crash a schoolboard meeting to protest their children wearing masks in public, but never once crashed a schoolboard meeting to question guns and gun control and school shootings.

They don’t wanna protect their kids from a virus and yet they want to have active shooter drills because guns in schools happens.

I saw this on BosGuy Twitter  …

I’m not saying the new husband’s a homo, I’m just sayin’ he likes a man in a speedo walking out of the surf more than his new bride.

That’s all.

One thing to take away from the California recall election, which failed by a margin of 68% to 32%.

So, what does this mean? Simple, when Democrats show up to vote, Democrats win. We outnumber Republicans, but you have to get you asses to the voting booths every single election where you can vote. It’s like I always say:


In this week’s episode of Would You Hit It, I give you male model Rafael Miller. He’s from France and became a fitness trainer to get himself in shape and then turned to modeling. He also, as you can see below, likes to do the one leg long, one leg short style of dressing that Mitchell often features on his blog, Moving With Mitchell.

So … Would you hit it?


Mistress Maddie said...

The Caityln Jenner results? Bwhahahahahahahahaha

And I agree with what you said about Democrats. We shape it and have gained huge numbers of new dems. So if we lose anything...its our faults and to blame if we don't get put and vote? How bad do we want change and sanity? Then vote.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Clearly, you and your Dad are the brains in the family.

Helen Lashbrook said...

To be fair to the Rabbit Killer the Supreme Court is not FULL of bigots - there's the three Dem justices along with all the bigots.

I hope your brother's family see the light after having covid but I don't hold out much hope - most anti-vaxxers seem determined to walk off into the sunset rather than have a couple of not-bleach injections

BloggerJoe said...

I am so sorry your brother and family have Covid and wish them all the best. I hope they not only have survive but have an easy time of it. That being said, there's a small voice way down deep in the ugly dark recesses of my soul that says, well, you probably can guess. Have a safe trip!! One more day, and then we MOVE!! Can't wait.

Frank said...

You guys are brave to fly with so many crazies there.

Steve Reed said...

I can't believe 56,000 people voted for Caitlyn Jenner, even if that IS a tiny percentage of the total.

Not to usurp Duchess Deedles' role re. your typos, but I feel I must point out "children wearing masks in pubic." (The last word being the problem.)

LOVE the pic of the groom watching Speedo man! Hilarious!

Good for your dad for standing up for his own safety. It's amazing how different people can be even within families, isn't it?

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Tiniest violin for your brother and his family having caught the hoax. It happens.
Tux is right. Amy is telling the Handmaiden's Tale while tellings us she is not. We see her.
And I can understand that groom looking at that beauty in the speedo. I would have done exactly the same.


Bob said...

And the Caitlyn whined on Twitter that California deserves what they get. Sorry, bitch, you lose.
We gotta show up and vote every single time.

Well, my dad is .... though I have my moments.

No, but the bigots have the majority.
They will not “see the light”. My brother still thinks it’s a hoax, still, and my sister-in-law gets her medical advice from the internet.

I agree with you about my brother. I love him, but you can’t fix stupid.

Well, it is the fastest way to get out there.

Some people will vote for their favorite reality star. I mean, that’s how we ended up with Thing 45.
Damn spell check. Thanks Steve =) I'm off to fix that!!!
My dad suffers no fools. Perhaps I got that from him.

Bob said...

Thanks for the tiny violin violin that they won't even hear.

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
You have a safe and fun trip!
xoxo :-)

Dave R said...

Covid is like the Chicken Pox, if you're not vaccinated, you're going to get it.

Amy is not only a hack, she's a whore for the Republican party.

I understand Caitlyn was pissed she only got 1.1%, personally, I think that's too high and call voter fraud.

uptonking said...

I can't believe there are 55,747 people stupid enough to vote for that traitorous cow. So, what next for Caitlyn? Reality porn? A For Fans Only site? Standing on a street corner sticking things up her azz for a dollar?

Miller... from France. That's a plus. They smell so good... grrr. But this one? No. I would tie him up and smack his bottom until he cried, though. I like making pretty things cry.

YAZZZZ. Vote. Glad that turned out the way it did. Destroy the repulsivecan party!

I wonder what his bride thought about this... or maybe she's in on it and the wedding was just a scam to get free stuff.

NBC News just showed footage of a recent School Board Meeting in Florida... oh, the drama. I love how these people think they are being victimized. I wish I could be there to withhold the ventilators...

Can't watch any of that awful reality show stuff... even the fake talent contests are awful. I remember I used to scratch my head when I saw the stuff the do on television in Japan... hell, honeys... we got them beat now. Just a shite show.

This is what I do every morning. My post goes live at 6:00 am... at about 7:30 am, I will go in and read it... and do a final edit - after a bunch of people have already looked at it. I always feel like such an idiot... the stupidest stuff. And I never see it until after its been live for a good hour and a half.

Your brother is a tool and a fool. His poor family. Keep them away from your poor Dad... get a restraining order. The Ex has a cousin who never visits his mother. He got covid right away... and then got it a second time... and then came to visit his mother and gave it to her! I figure he must be desperate for the rest of his inheritance.

Anyone who worked for the orange ogre should be jailed and charged with crimes against humanity. Although I do enjoy all the dirt... like when the orange ogre asked about sending over a nuke to China before he got out of office...

I was not aware that she spoke at the McConnell Center... huh. Conflict of interest much? She's a terrible human being.

I am like Carlos... I lose it with phone agents. That's why I do all I can not to talk to them. I was so grateful when our IT department at work got smart and invested in live chat... you can't scream at someone when you type... all caps do not count.

Kizzes. Thanks, hon. I learn so much reading your feed.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Don’t you wish you have an audio track of Carlos and his conversations?
I’m as always with Tuxedo.
What a shame about your brother and his family.
I’ve never heard of an SC rub down. Is it what you need after living in South Carolina for too long? Will you and Carlos have to have one before you fly west?
Sadly, “Daughter of One of the Wives” will probably NOT be admirable growing up in that house, unless she’s smart enough to appreciate how awful her mother’s quest for fame is. But, “I’m not a B-sian” IS good.I
Wedding photo: I would have gone for a swim.
Rafael Miller: Yeah, I probably would. But only to ask him about the shorts (as I peeled them off very slowly).

Bob said...


Oh, I think there are enough morons to vote for Caitlyn, but if she was counting on the LGBTQ+ vote, I also read that over 85% went for Newsome.

Stupid people exist, and they vote for stupid people like Caitlyn Jenner.
You’re killing me … making him cry!
When Blues vote Blues win. That is simple. Do it.
I saw that bride and thought, “She knows.”
I am shallow enough to admit that I like some trash TV, and yet even find most of it too trashy for me.
I usually write posts in a Word doc and use that spell check but it doesn’t check for context …like in this post where I mean children in public schools and it came up children in “pubic” schools. Oy!
I love my brother and his family, but you are so right.
Oh, I enjoy the dirt n Thing 45, too, but to sit idly by watching him destroy this country for his fat little dicked ego just so you could write a book? Fuck no.
Barrett is a disgusting lying hypocrite.
Oh he was fine with the agent, he just wasn’t listening to her.

If only I’d thought to record Carlos all these years. Think of the book I could write!
I feel badly for my brother an family, but I also feel like they kinda served it for acting so recklessly.
I hope the rundown doesn’t involve bleach and men in hazmat suits … wait a sec.
Re: Rafael. You dawg!

Travel said...

Great one's today, thanks I needed that.

Bob said...

Any time.

Bohemian said...

First, that Vietnamese Student's response was brilliant... we should all wanna be her when we Grow Up! As for your Bros. Family now having The Rona due to Covidiocy... it's Sad but inevitable, isn't it? Your Dad was Wise to set boundaries, we won't allow Covidiots in the Home either, don't Care who they are, not Welcome. They will have to risk dying horribly on their own and not Sharing their potential for a voluntary Death Sentence with those trying to stay Safe and Well. I think the ReTrumplicans hijacking the GOP and killing off their constituents with Lies and Misinformation in droves is the Death Knell for them... they have to cheat now, suppress Votes or have an Insurrection to ever Hope to have a Voice now, they've gone too far and they know it... and the threat they now pose to a Healthy Democracy is no Joke tho'.