Thursday, January 20, 2011

Too Bad, So Sad

Bishop Harry Jackson got his collar in a twist because Washington DC allowed equal marriage. And he spit and sputtered and stomped his feet and brandished the same tired rhetoric his ilk always brandish when equality happens.
God's law! Bah!
Traditional marriage! No such thing.
Sanctity! Bite me.
And Jackson took his tired rants and tried to appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn marriage equality and let the people of DC vote on it.
But the Supremes said No.
Jackson's appeal was de-nied.
Good for SCOTUS.
Equality should never be put up for a vote. We didn't vote on whether women had the right to vote; we didn't vote on whether black people had the right to vote; we didn't vote on Civil Rights.
It's equality, and the fight for it, and the right for it shouldn't be left in the hands of the people, because you will always have someone, like a Bishop Harry Jackson, or a NOM or a Bryan Fischer, or any number of pandering-to-the-right Republicans, spinning what the story is about into some sort of End Of Days theory, when it's about equality.
i keep saying this, and I;ll keep saying this: if you think Carlos and I shouldn't be allowed to marry if that's what we wish, then that's okay. you can thin that. If you think Carlos and I are headed straight to Hell because we're gay, you can think that, too. If you think we're an abomination, run with it.
But you cannot use your fears and your religion and your so-0called belief in God to deny us equality.
Blibbety-blah-blay-blue Bite me.

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Peter said...

The right to marry has nothing to do with the church, but only with the law.

If you want it sealed, afterwards, by a priest that's up to you.