Friday, January 28, 2011


This causes me such joy.
Sharron Angle is hinting that she might run for President.
I know!
Now, while that is hysterical in and of itself, can you imagine a Republican debate featuring Angle, Palin and Bachmann?
I mean, Tweedledum, Tweedledummer, and Bachmann.

Geri Jewell, best known for her role as Cousin Geri on that popular 1950s TV show, The Fats Of Life, er, The Facts of Life, is releasing her memoir, "I'm Walking As Straight As I Can: Transcending Disability in Hollywood and beyond."
Jewell was one of the first, if not the first, actor with a disability--she has cerebral palsy--to appear as a regular on on a TV show. She talks about the difficulty of breaking into Hollywood with cerebral palsy, and her pride in opening the doors for future generations of disabled actors.
But, she also comes out as gay in the book.
Cousin Geri is gay?
Who knew?
I mean, Jo, well, sure, but Cousin Geri?

Charlie Sheen is in trouble again.
The usual stuff, sex and drugs, and probably weapons, too.
I've made my share of jokes about Sheen, but this is not only getting old, it's getting scary.
If he was just plain Charlie Sheen, working at a Vons in Southern California, and was arrested for ALLEGEDLY holding a knife to his wife's throat, or terrorizing a prostitute--oops, i mean porn star--being arrested time and again for domestic abuse, and drugs, would he still have a job?
WTF is wrong with CBS that they let him continue to pull these stunts and then keep giving him millions of dollars a year. Seriously, are money and ratings more important?
And what about his family? Take some freakin' leadership, and have a court declare Sheen incompetent and get his ass into a state sanctioned rehab where he can deal with his addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, and weapons.
Seriously. This isn't funny any more.

I'm back into the Drag Race, and this time Carlos is coming along for the ride.
My favorites so far are Mimi Imfurst--I loved her Madonna and Child get-up, and No, it wasn't that Madonna. I also love Delta Work, because she looks like the woman who used to play Sally on The Bold and The Beautiful. Raja needs some lip work, because those are some seriois man lips, and she can't pull that look off, even though she won this week. Hmm, maybe I'm wrong.
I'm also a fan of Shangela, back for her second try, though she almost got dragged off. And I like Mariah, who seemed to be the diva bitch, until she helped another queen out....Mimi.
Who do you like?

Would that i could make this stuff up:
Carolee Bildsten ate dinner at a restaurant in Gurnee Illinois, but had no money to pay the bill.
Police were called, and an officer drove Bildsten home so she could get the cash.
The officer accompanied her into her home, where she said the money was in her sock drawer. She reached in for the cash, and instead came out with a......
Wait for it.
She pulled out a clear plastic dildo and held it above her head in a "threatening manner."
Bildstein is now saying the officer scared her because she didn't know he'd followed her into her bedroom; she says she reached for the, um, weapon, because she'd recently read an article about a Gurnee police officer who was convicted of sexual assault.
And what? She wanted to be ready?
Or maybe she's a wackjob because, um, well, i forgot to mention that the officer found her lying on the ground outside of the restaurant to begin with.

It's not just for drinking anymore.
And while some people say you can add some temporary color to your hair using Kool-And, now we come to find out that you can also clean your bathroom bowl with it.
Apparently the citric acid in the orange Kool-Aid works well enough to clean the toilet.
And, because I like to offer household tips to my readers, here's how:
“Sprinkle the contents of the package in before you head to bed, swirl it around with a toilet bowl brush, and let it sit over night. The acid in the drink mix will go to work cleaning away tough stains and build up if you don't have the best water conditions.”
Now, to Kool-Aids credit, it is kind of a green product, but if it's strong enough to clean a toilet do you really wanna be drinking it?
And let's finish with The View.
Or let's just finish The View.
Now, don't get me wrong, I loves me some Whoopi and Joy, and some whoopee and joy, but Sherri is such a morn she makes Hasselbeck look like a Mensa member.
But today, let's talk about the doddering Grandma on the show, Babs Walters.
She is so out of touch, and rambles on so incoherently that it's almost sad. And why she feels the need to treat her audience like morons is beyond me. She always has to explain the story before she comments, like she knows the audience has no idea what's happening.
When, in fact, it's Babs who's lost.
Seriously, Babs, you've been a trailblazer. we wouldn't have Diane Sawyer without you; or Katie Couric, though I won't hold that against you. You've had an epic run,m having been on TV since the day TV was invented. And I'm sure you have enough money, so.....
Retire already.
Head down to Boca Raton and wander the streets, waiting for 5PM so you can get an Early Bird Special at Applebee's.
We'll be fine.


the dogs' mother said...

We like Mimi.
We feel badly for President Bartlett's son. What a nozzle.
We feel badly for poor Robert Gibbs who wishes his exit from the White House happened before this 'we are monitoring the situation very carefully' How carefully? 'Very carefully.... did I say we are monitoring the situation? Carefully?'

Stan in NH said...

Sharron running for pres? That's hysterical! Does she really think she's popular because of her message?
Pat Paulsen had a better chance. Archie Bunker as well!
Am I aging myself?

Mistress Maddie said...

Well Bob since you asked I was shocked Venus left so early. I have seen her perform and she usually blows out of the water what she did on here. But my three front runners are Mimi first since I have met her several times and she performs here in Philly alot!!! And she is campy which I love. I also like Raja and Mariah followed by Delta who I think will do very well. The Sally line cracked me up!!! How true. Yara and Manilla I don't care for and not sure why. Carmen is just to much like a real woman for. I don't think she will do well. And the view sooooooooo needs to go. Light a match to the hen house I say!!!!

mrpeenee said...

Count me in with the rest if the Mimi camp. And a cat fight on the catwalk! Brilliant. And also, Raja? Uhm, no.

Robyn said...

Mimi Imfurst is awesome. I wish she knew how to sew, though. That's like a prerequisite for a drag queen isn't it?

Sharron running for President is hilarious. I can't wait for the GOP debates on TV next year.

Coca-Cola in your toilet bowl for an hour will also clean the toughest stains. The local Highway Patrol keeps at least two two-liter bottles in the trunks of their cars because it's strong enough to clean blood off the road. No joke.

Joy said...

Charlie Sheen is so out of control. He needs major rehab for a year or so and still might not make it.

You're so right about Baba Wawa and Sherri.

Sam said...

Well Bob, Me and #9 are Nevadians and trust me when I say this, people there really arent that crazy about her. I think she will fizzle. Don't fret.
As for Babs, I'm with you all the way. That bitch is a geritol commercial.
Charlie Sheen will not make it through the year.
Did I tell you how much I love your blog.