Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Please To Explain

WTF is this for?

Underwear designer Andrew Christian, apparently taking his cues from the designers of the butt-lifter, and the boob-padding, has come up with underwear with a, wait for it, built-in flaccid penis.


My underwear, for the most part, not all the time mind you, already has a flaccid penis inside it.

The “Active Shaping Technology Cup with authentic male features for a completely natural look.”


It apparently provides great support, though I thought underwear, or jocks, already did that, and it adds up to 2 inches to your frontal measurement. It is also being marketed as helping “protect against zipper injury” for those men who don't know how to zip without injury.

So, here's my question:

Would you?
Do you?



Stan in NH said...

I think the actual objective is to add inches to your endowment!
Remember that commercial for penis enhancement drugs that featured Bob (no relation?) who was "living large"? Same thing.

Kyle Leach said...

Ridiculous false advertising by both the seller and someone who would buy this to wear for anything other than a gag. If you don't have the wares when then clothes come off, I don't think the person/people you are sleeping with are going to be very happy with you.

Biki Honko said...

Oh! Ok, yeah the whole idea is stupid. However, it would be a boon for f2m's who cant afford the "lower" surgery. This would be a nice way to fill those pants out. But Im sure that he wasnt thinking of f2m's when he designed it. So...does that mean his is tiny? LOL

jerry Pritikin said...

This is no different than a girl wearing a Jock Strap... she has a makebelief "ball-room"!

Mistress Maddie said...

LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL! i DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN! This is soooo funny! First off, it looks like a pain in the ass to where. No pun itended. I doubt it will stay in place. Second, zipper injury sounds like a excuse. And third, I don't think I need to wear this item, I'm already pleased with my measurments!!! How funny is this. Could you just imagine the horror if two guys hook up, and get frisky, and one of them pulled that out??? Oh the embrassment!

Unknown said...

There is just sooo much wrong about this. First, zipper injury? Has anyone really gotten caught in their zipper, while wearing their undies? Isn't that more a commando issue? Second, Oh, how uncomfy must it be to become, uhm, excited with that sharing room in your pants? And, really, I don't care about your size, if I discovered someone wearing these, I think I would instantly walk away, worrying about their psyche...

Robyn said...

Zipper injury only happens to those who are careless with their equipment.

If I wanted to do something as a gag, I'd go all out and shove a cucumber down there.

Cubby said...

Here's how this goes:
-Undersized man wants a better chance of picking up a trick at the bar and puts on these special undies.
-Unsuspecting 'mo at bar sees the guy's bulging crotch and falls in lust.
-They go back to guy's room and strip.
-The 'mo sees the guy's itty bitty pity of a dingy, and runs for the hills.

Yeah, I'm sure these undies will be best sellers.

robertga99 said...

I'm totally against false advertisement. It's like the dating version of bait & switch

Anonymous said...

I'm not a size queen, but this is a cheap, dirty trick!

Anonymous said...

I have already received many emails, from people I don't know, wanting to help me with this very problem. For some reason their nice emails keep coming into my spam mail box.
One question- do they have an erect version? That would be much more fun!