Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Ain't One To Gossip, But......

Last week, Regis Philbin, host of 'Live With Regis and Kelly' announced that he would be retiring from morning television after 40 years of being in the business. He plans on leaving the show sometime this summer, saying of his retirement: "There is a time that everything must come to an end for certain people on camera -- especially certain old people!"
But it isn't all retirement and golf and trips with wife Joy that have Regis leaving. It's ALLEGEDLY  about money, or the lack of money being lain at Regis' feet.
It seems that Regis Philbin's agent, Jim Griffin, was in negotiations with ABC executives for a new contract since his current deal expired and the execs made it clear they wanted Regis to take a pay cut. The executives say the reason for the pay cut is that the show is no longer performing as well as it has, and that, well, Regis takes too much time off. 
Sources--and by sources I mean Gelman--say Philbin earns between $18 and $20 million a year.
Well, Regis turned all diva at the mere suggestion that he take less than twenty million, and his anger sparked the retirement announcement, and the sudden firing of his agent for mismanaging the negotiations.
Moral of the story: don't piss on a TV diva's paycheck.

And speaking of Diva Philbin, while he isn't ready to say who he thinks should take his seat, there is a name of a possible replacement floating around.
Lisa Rinna.
A source--and by source, I mean Lisa Rinna--says, "Lisa has proved she can do the job. She has co-hosted the show with Regis, filled in for Joy Behar on her show and was even better than Billy Bush when she stepped into his shoes on Access Hollywood's new daytime show."
Yeah, but taking Regis and Kelly to Kelly and Lisa? I'm not sure that's a good fit. And plus, would Lisa go to all the trouble of moving her husband and children, not to mention her ginormous lips, from California to New York?
That would be some moving truck.
Lisa, probably knowing she should keep her mouth shut [if possible] will only say, "Regis taught me everything that I know. He is the King!"
But, desperate for a job, any job, since, well, no one hires her as an actress any longer, Rinna is quick to pint out that she almost had the job co-hosting the show ten years ago: "You know, back 10 years ago I filled in many times with Regis when Kathie Lee left. I've been so fortunate enough to co-host with him at least 10 times or more and was up for the job to replace Kathie Lee, but of course Kelly was the perfect choice for it."
Well, she might have been a good fit for Regis, but, again, Kelly and Lisa? I don't see it.

Rather than Top Chef, they should call this one Top Custody.
Earlier this week, Adam Dell, the father of Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi's baby, filed a lawsuit seeking full custody of their 11-month-old daughter Krishna. Dell decided to take this drastic step because he claims that Lakshmi told him she had hoped he has nothing to do with the pregnancy.
According to the 16-page lawsuit, Dell says that when he and Lakshmi were dating in 2009, she was also dating 70-year-old IMG boss Ted Forstmann, with whom she is currently in a relationship.
Dell claims that Lakshmi had hoped Forstmann was Krishna's father, and not Dell, and said Lakshmi even refused to put his name on the birth certificate. He claims she was trying "to minimize, if not eliminate [Dell's] role in Krishna's life and to install Forstmann as Krishna's father."
And, according to Dell, Padma ALLEGEDLY launched a cruel attack on him during a phone call in September 2009, calling him an 'unambitious' man with an 'uninteresting' career and 'unmemorable' friends.He also claims, in his lawsuit, that "Forstmann declared that Lakshmi, Krishna and he are a 'family' and they wished [Dell] would f*****g disappear."
Padma's lawyer, Jay Silverstein, calls Dell's suit "inaccurate and misleading" and adds, "We were in the process of negotiating permanent visitation rights when Dell terminated negotiations and this suit was filed. He remains more interested in garnering media attention than focusing on the welfare of his daughter....[Lakshmi is saddened and gravely disappointed that Mr. Dell has chosen a very public means of filing his petition with the court rather than doing so in a confidential or sealed manner which is customary in cases involving a very young child."
Hmmm, this could get ugly, like Marcel getting his hair cut ugly.

One thing one doesn't do, apparently, is bore Oprah Winfrey; though, it is quite accepted to be bored by Oprah Winfrey.
It seems that Sarah Ferguson, star of an upcoming reality show on Winfrey's new OWN network, is ALLEGEDLY being asked to go back and shoot more compelling footage before the show,  'Finding Sarah' debuts this spring.
A source--and by source I mean Oprah's husband Gayle--says, "Oprah isn't happy with the show...She found it boring...and has ordered reshoots to make it harder hitting, and more revealing."
Um, Oprah, you gasbag? If you reshoot scenes for a reality show, then how is that reality?
Yeah, further proof that Oprah has lost her grasp on reality, but not on that case of Ding Dongs under her bed.

I loves me some 'Housewives'. The New York bitches, and the Beverly Hills ho's. And now, there is another set of 'Housewives' being brought to Bravo to stir the pot.
And these  divas are from Miami.
I'm in.
And one of the reasons I'm in is that one of The Real Housewives of Miami is none other than blonde bombshell Elaine Lancaster, whose also goes by his non-drag name, James Davis.
That's right. One of the housewives is  a man....and a woman! This has fabulous written all over it.
Elaine will appear as both James and Elaine in the series, which is expected to debut this year. It is a reboot of an old, tired, Bravo show called Miami Social Club but it has been upgraded to Housewives!
It will also feature Scottie Pippen's wife, Larsa, and magazine editor Alexia Echeverria.
In Miami.
Miami? Drag queens? I'm so there!

And now, back to Oprah:
Everyone, well, not me, was stunned this week when Oprah Winfrey broke the news that she recently discovered she had a half-eaten sister, I mean, a half-sister she never knew about.
But, and this is the part of the story that makes me giggle, it seems people are so impressed that Oprah's newest semi-sibling, Patricia, cared so much about Oprah's privacy and reputation that she turned down million dollar offers from tabloid magazines to tell her story.
A source--and by source, I mean the man who keeps Oprah fed--says, "All Patricia wanted was the truth. She wasn't interested in selling her story even for a million dollars. She just wanted to know who she was, where she came from and if she had any brothers or sisters. She had no idea when she started this search she would end up being Oprah Winfrey's half-sister."
And people are just falling all over themselves, praising Patricia for not selling out, but, call me skeptical, would you sell your story to the tabloids for a million bucks, or would you keep that story to yourself, and find your sister who is worth 100-times that much money.
Yeah, Patricia didn't sell her story because she's a half-sister to the goose with the golden eggs.

And, well, this is becoming All-Oprah, All The Time:
While her audience may have been stunned with Oprah Winfrey's news of half-sister Patricia, they weren't the only ones.
Vernon Winfrey, O's father, had no idea at all about the half-sister until he tuned it to the show himself.
Upon hearing the good news, Vernon said, "I'm pleased for Oprah that she discovered that she has a new half-sister and I would like to meet her too. I intend to call Oprah later this evening actually to try and catch-up with her about the exciting news."
And, no doubt, to find out where she fits in the inheritance line.
And then we have Gayle's reaction to the news that her husband has a long lost half-sister.
Gayle told ABC News: "I can't wait to meet Patricia."
Gayle-speak for, "Let me size this bitch up."
A source--and by source I mean Steadman, Oprah's beard--says "Gayle must have mixed feelings about the arrival of Patricia. Of course she wants nothing but the best for Oprah, but there has to be just a little tiny part of Gayle that is asking, 'What now?'"
As in, "Does this cut my share of the fortune?"
We all know that Gayle is very protective of Oprah, and her bank accounts, and is not used to sharing her with anyone. Sources--and by sources I mean the team that hoists Oprah in and out of the tub each day--say, "This new addition to the family could be a bigger adjustment for Gayle than for Oprah."
But Gayle is trying to take the high road to Oprah's vault, by saying, "This is extraordinary that somebody would have this information about Oprah, who as you know has been sold out on many occasions by friends, by co-workers, in some cases family. Patricia wasn't trying to get Oprah, she was trying to find her mother ... having Oprah as a sister, a half-sister, was a bonus."
Yeah, the kind of bonus one gets from their boss every year; or used to, until the boss found out she has a sister.

Okay, enough O stories.
Onto Camille Grammer, who is set to receive some $50 million dollars in her divorce settlement from Kelsey Grammer.
Now, it seems, Camille wants just a teeny bit more. 
Camille is requesting the divorce court grant her additional $10 million just in case Kelsey suddenly, um, dies shortly after his marriage.
Camille's lawyer, Neal Hersh, says Camille is concerned that Kelsey's impending marriage to Kayte Walsh would affect her as Walsh would presumably receive some legal rights to property that is still subject to divorce proceedings between Kelsey and Camille.
Oh, Kayte might get some stuff Camille wants.
Camille's objection is that, should Kelsey remarry and then suddenly pass away, she would have to pay out of her own pocket for any litigation regarding his estate. And she'll only have $50 million, and a house in Malibu. Why, she might have to downsize to just three nannies, and just four friends on the payroll if Kelsey dies.


paul said...

I just love it when you do posts like today's and yesterday's "My 2 Cents". Nobody can write them like you. Now, I am getting greedy and asking for more and more. And I am putting in a request for you to please write about "The A List's" second season. What a great read that would be.

the dogs' mother said...

Oh, Padma, Padma, Padma....
When I used to teach sex ed one of my lectures was about 'two minutes (sorry guys but we're talking teenagers) can lead to....' then I would explain all the fun stuff after sex - this was one of the consequences - being stuck with a jerk of another parent for the rest of your life.

Robyn said...

I read about the Dell - Padma lawsuit and all I could think about were Tim Gunn's unkind words about Padma. It certainly puts more truth into the perception she's all about the money and fame and nothing else.

I'm going to have to give RHOM a try once it comes out. It has to be better than A-List New York

D said...

"Alleged humor"? There's nothing alleged about your humor... it's all-out funny as hell... I love when you say 'A source, and by source I mean....' ... you are hilarious. I love reading your blog :)

Sam said...

Wow my one stop for all my entertainment news.
I will only add that I pray Patricia is watching herself. You know Oprah is looking for any sign that Patti is only after money. You know O dont like to part with her cash, and she has often said she doesn't give family money.
But can you see the look on her "new" nephews and nieces face when they see her place in Cali? I can just hear them "Auntie O yo bathroom is sooo bigg, you could roller skate in it!!!"
As for Regis, he should start a new show on a competing network. Yikes

Joy said...

Padma does like her antiques - Rushdie and this rich codger.

So far well-played, Patricia!