Monday, January 03, 2011

Elton Had A Baby So The BBC Interviewed A 'Kill The Gays' Supporter

Elton John and his partner David Furnish had a baby via a surrogate mother.
And, apparently all hell broke loose.
It seems that Andrew Pierce, some English columnist, feels the Furnish-John's had a baby because they wanted a new accessory, a new plaything. God forbid they had a baby for the same reasons most couples do, because they want to be parents.
People gossiped about the round-the-clock nannies, and the special renovations being done at Elton's Los Angeles penthouse to create the most dazzling nursery ever. But, I wonder here, if Elton and David were a straight couple using surrogacy, a straight couple with loads of money to raise the child in the lap of luxury, would we be raising such a fuss?
It's 2011, people, let's stop qualifying people by their sexual orientation. Let's talk about parenting, or coupling, or creating a life together, without making noise about the so-called differences between the straight way and the gay way.
And, while we're at it, let's take a good long look at the media, not just here in our country, where the New York Post lauded Elton and his "wife"for having a baby, but also let's peek at the BBC, who decided to make their coverage of the Furnish-John baby a little more balanced by including an interview with a supporter of state sponsored execution of gay men in its coverage of the birth.
Really? To make a story of two men who want a child, to raise a child, to nurture a child, more fair and equitable, you include information about killing gay people?
This, murder, is fair?
See, back on the 28th of December, the BBC’s News at Six bulletin ended with the story of Elton John and David Furnish's first child. There were no interviews with the new fathers, just news of the birth, followed by one interview, with Stephen Green, of right-wing group Christian Voice; Green is someone who has in the past supported the death penalty for gay men.
Birth of a child? Execution of gay men?
I must be missing the point. Or, is the BBC missing the point?
When does this end? Where is the joy over the news of a child being born, without the instant stigma and blatant homophobia and bigotry because the child is born to a gay couple?
I long for the advancement of equality for LGBT people, where we can have a child, or not have a child, marry, or not marry, live where we choose, work where we choose, walk down a street without fear of attack or harassment simply for being LGBT.
But we'll never achieve that equality when a fair and balanced news story about a gay couple, famous or nor, having a child, includes interviews with people who wish to see gay men put to death.



the dogs' mother said...

Yeah, that was weird and, I hope, an oversight in the search for random negative comment guy which wasn't necessary either.

I did spend a little time wondering about a separate wing for the children...

the dogs' mother said...

Let's clarify that - as in - what a boon that would have been when the Ponder Children used to use all the sofa and chair cushions to build forts. And if you've ever stepped on Brio trains in the dark...

english said...

nice blog like your work

Wonder Man said...

that was weird

Kyle Leach said...

GLBTQ people have to go through such extraordinary measures, scrutiny, and emotional bashing from all sides, that I find it very hard to believe that there are many of us who decide to have children who would do so to gain an "accessory."

In my forty years I've watched half of the straight people I know have children with no thought about anything. They are not even an accessory; they, sadly, are nothing but afterthoughts that have to fumble through their lives by themselves. It is horrible watching the cycle feed and perpetuate itself.

This story was all about sensationalism, not substance.