Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It Gets Better, But Not At The Halton Catholic District School Board

You gotta love how people feel about the LGBT community.

I mean, Sally Kerns think we have the power to ruin the economy, and that we are worse than terrorists. And Cindy Jacobs thinks because we are getting small doses of equality, via the repeal of DADT, and the hoped for repeal of Prop H8, that we are responsible for the mass bird and fish deaths, and that California will split in two from an earthquake, becoming, not Northern and Southern California, but apparently Gay and Straight California.

But what isn't so funny, is how these people actually believe what they say. And then spread their hatred far and wide in an attempt to deny equality, in an attempt to promote intolerance and bigotry.

Now, up there in Canada, with their marriage equality and health care, comes news that, while the Ontario Ministry of Education thinks Gay/Straight Alliances [GSAs] are important, the Halton Catholic District School Board takes a different view. 

To them GSAs are harmful and must be banned. In fact, GSAs are as harmful as, wait for it, Nazi groups. I wonder just how many Nazi/Not Nazi Alliance groups have basked for the right to meet in Halton Catholic School District schools.

Board chair, and utter delusional wingnut, Alice Anne LeMay, actually said: “We don’t have Nazi groups either. Gay-straight alliances are banned because they are not within the teachings of the Catholic Church.” 

Neither apparently is tolerance and understanding and acceptance, but then according to LeMay's logic, and the view of the Catholic Church as pedophile heaven, maybe child rape is one of God's teachings, because it seems to be tolerated quite nicely.

Michael Pautler, education director of the Halton Catholic District School Board, also tried to explain the ban: “Anybody can have input into the process as the policy is being developed, but ultimately the language at the end of the process is approved collectively.”

Oh, so it's the language? The word 'gay'? Well, then let's find something more appropriate, like, oh, I don't know, the Forever Burning In Hell/Saved By The Light Of Jesus Alliance?


And the Pautler justifies the board's decision by saying the Ontario ministry’s equity and inclusive education policy only proposes GSAs as “one possibility” to fight homophobia, though when asked to think of just one more possible way to fight homophobia, Pautler says.....


Until he comes up with, “All students that attend school should be able to feel free of harassment and are protected from any forms of persecution or anything that makes them feel marginalized.”

Unless they belong to as group with the word 'gay' in the title.

Paulter believes groups can celebrate diversity, but have "broader focus on inclusion," or as he adds, celebrate "diversity as opposed to focusing on any one particular expression of diversity.”

Diversity is good, just focus on all diversities, and leave the word 'gay' out of it.

Why should we expect more from a church like that?



Wonder Man said...

These folks are full of mess

Robyn said...

Actually you *can* split San Diego as Gay California and Straight California. The dividing line is State Route 125. Those who live east are more likely to be the fundie Christian type that want us dead.

the dogs' mother said...

You know you've arrived when you're compared to Nazis.

Kyle Leach said...

Nazis? Really? I guess we are a force to be reckoned with in their warped minds. Froggy has the right idea.

Biki Honko said...

Wow, organized hate, coming from a religion that if you ask will tell you that God loves ALL his children, even the lost lambs. Ok, so since we are not loved, but reviled, then it makes sense that the only conclusion we can come up with that fits in any way at all, is that we are not the children of God. And truthfully, why would i want to claim such a vengeful, hatefilled god as a parent?

Why do are we continually surprised by anything that the catholic church does any more, why? They have sold their souls many many years ago, for the false god of gold, and the demon of lust.

Anonymous said...

We don't expect anything better from the true Nazis- The Catholic Church.