Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rick Perry Bit the Hand That Fed Him....Or At Least Paid Off His Debt

He's the governor of Texas, and he hates anything Obama. Obama is to blame for the immigration crisis, the economy, wars, pestilence, Bristol Palin making it to the finals of Dancing With the Stars. Anything bad is Obama's fault, and Rick Perry wants nothing from Obama.

Even the stimulus.

Perry was one of those governors--like former South Carolina adulterer, I mean, governor, Mark Sanford, and half-wit, half-term governor, Mama Grizzly Bore, who blasted Obama's stimulus package as a useless waste of money. But, like the Grizzly Bore, and the Adulterer, Rick Perry took the dough. And he paid off 97% of Texas' deficit with the money.

Ninety-seven percent.

And still Perry calls it a bad idea. 

Now, if someone offered me some cash, and I could pay off ninety-seven percent of my debt, I certainly wouldn't bad mouth the idea, or the person offering me the money. I'd do as my Mama always told me, smile and say, "Thank you."

Not so, Rick Perry.

And so, next year, in Fiscal Year 2012, Texas' deficit is projected to be some $12 billion, more than 30 percent of its budget. But, because of efforts from conservatives like Rick Perry, there won't be any more stimulus money.

Pay your own way out of this mess, Rick.



Wonder Man said...

Why is he still in office?

Robyn said...

He's still in office because there's usually more than two candidates to choose from in November and the stupid rednecks easily outnumber the sane residents.