Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Funnies


Stan in NH said...

Good ones! Love the healthcare ones, and of course the slamming of PayPay! :)
Always a pleasure to read.

Robyn said...

The Sarah Palin book made me laugh. It's 30% off at Target and they've got plenty of them in stock.

Nope. I'm not buying one either.

Mistress Maddie said...

LOL, love the Palin book! You know two local book stores around here wouldn't even carry the rage! Or the door stop, Or the fireplace kindling, or the couch levler. Hmmmm maybe it could be put to good use. LOL! Still aint getting it!,

Beth said...

I keep meaning to grab her book in some store and put it in the douche section. Must remember to do that.

I was watching the NYT bestseller list for a while, to see what her book would do. It dropped out of the top ten pretty quickly and hasn't reappeared. hahaha On the other hand, Keith Richards' book is still hanging in there. That makes me happy. I'd love to hear what Keith thinks about Palin. >:D