Friday, April 09, 2010

PR7EP12:Circus Geeks

We've hit the final turn at PR, and last night was the last challenge before The Tents. We would finally learn who would show at Bryant Park. Well, we know they all showed--except Sarah Palin, I mean Maya....I confuse half-termers--but this would determine who would show on TV at Bryant Park.
It's, of course, the Last Challenge Field Trip, and I'm thinking botanical.....flower parts....The Big Top?

And by "Big Top" I don't mean they had to design a blouse for Oprah.
It's the Circus. The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Greatest Show On EarthEarthEarthEarth!
The designers are treated to a show, with clowns, and highwire acts, and tumblers. JayNicholas was verkelmpt at the tumbling mens with no shirts; he was sweating more than Whitney Houston at airport security.
SeathAaron was instantly creating something fab in his head.
Anthony wanted to get into a tiny car and drive off.
Mila was thinking of colorblocking the entire show.
Emilio was thinking he'd already won.
The task: create a runway look inspired by the circus. There were some lovely things, and some, well, WTF things.
Let's rip:

For some reason, Anthony's circus-inspired number was blue, with waves rising from the shoulder, so I think he went to a Weather Circus and created Hurricane Katrina Gown. It's pretty; it's simple. It's prettysimple. Michael Kors asked what the fabric was and Anthony couldn't answer. Crepe de chine? asked Kors, who rose from his seat like Queen Elizabeth planning to bitchslap Diana, and felt the fabric. He threw up a little in his mouth as he uttered words that have never crossed his lips: Polyester crepe de chine.
Then he called the dress a big blue condom.
Not a good sign for Anthony, who was Auf'd......again.

JayNicholas spent most of the day fanning himself and remembering the shirtless tumbler, and then drew an amazing design based on the Ringleader's coat. The drawing was fantastic, and after seeing what he made, I kinda wished the model had just carried the drawing down the runway. But then, this isn't a contest to find the best drawing, I guess.
Still, his coat, in cartoon form, had more presence. Here it looks almost one-dimensional, like a T-shirt with a ringleader coat painted on it. He'd hoped to mimic the over-sized clown pants, but missed that mark, too, though the judges loved his pants.
It all seemed a little to safe, a little too Michael Jackson circa Bubbles The Chimp.
Jay gets to have a Runway Off with Mila for the Third spot.

Mila, my funny little colorblocking Mila. She's done a lot of black-and-white this year, and so, in the final challenge, she challenged herself and went all black-and-white, with pink :::gag::: and yellow :::gulp::::. Everything was shiny, and there seemed to be traffic arrows both on the front of the coat and the back. It was too much; texture, sheen, neon.
And then, after a closer look, I got Vampira Goes To The Circus with that collar. Throw in all those directional arrows, and it becomes Vampira Goes To The Circus To Direct Traffic In The Parking Lot.
The judges said it was good, not great, and didn't look to much like a costume.
Really, Nina? Is this non-costume something you'd wear to anything other than the Marie Claire Office Halloween Party? I.Didn't.Think.So.
Kors, however, would wear it to pick up one of his prescription creams from Duane Reade after a night out with the boys.
Mila will fight to the death, or at least the hem, with Jay for that final slot at The Tents.

SethAaron. Talk about flash. This is what Mila should have done with reds, yellows, blacks and whites. Note to Mila: No pink.
This coat is fantastic. The collar and cuffs, with the yellow wrapped inside is amazing. The Pants [Yes, Kors, I agree] suffer from Odd Crotch--again Kors and Creams. But this outfit, out of all them, seems circus inspired. And, maybe, that makes it a little costume-y, but it works. And, really, most runway clothes are designed a little costume-y and then, unless they are haute couture, are watered down for the average person. And I could see this coat restrained a little and then sold in stores.
I'm beginning to like SethAaron out of them all. Everything he does is finished, fabulous,, and fun.
He's at The Tents.

Emilio had a team of horses haul his big fat head from the circus to Mood, and then load him into the freight elevator at Parsons. Emilio, yes, he's good. He's very good. But he's the one who knows it most. There is a hairline between confidence and arrogance, and he missed it by a mile; he is the Mayor Of Arrogance.
Best line of the night: Anthony to Mila: Emilio just had a viewing party for his dress.
And his dress is amazing. Kors creamed himself--seriously, the man needs help--when he saw it, declaring this the Best Thing On The Runway all SeasonSeasonSeason.
And, yes, it's good, though it looks less circus and more saloon girl to me. But Emilio does know how to use fabrics and patterns and create beautiful tings. I just wish there'd be a little more humble pie and a little less fist pumping and shouting YesYesYes!
You'd think instead of designing he was having a date night with Kors.
Emilo is at The Tents.

So, there's our Final Three....Plus One: Emilio, SethAaron, and either Mila or Jay. I cannot wait to see what SethAaron creates; I cannot wait to see Emilio's head travel down Broadway with a team of dwarfs dragging it with ropes. I cannot wait to see Mila ColorBlock, or Jay drool at men.

But I'll miss Anthony, most of all; he's like my Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow. He came out, and got on the show, and then he was out, and then he was in, and now, well, he's out.

On to The Tents!


Michael Rivers said...

Very good review. Seth Aaron is a great designer. His was my favorite last night. Emilio is really begining to bug me. His talents can't be denied, but he needs to check the ego.

By the way, I was drooling right along with Jay. :-)

froggy said...

Interesting, fun challenge but what the hell happened to Anthony?!?!

Great recap as usual, full of chortles and guffaws.

Sean said...

Will we ever hear your thoughts on Christian Siriano: Having a Moment? I thought it was great and his dresses amazing - he worst dress was 10 times better than any dress on PR this season or last.

Biki said...

I loved Anthony as well, he was sweet all the way thru, and will miss his sunny smile! Emilio's giant ego doesnt bother me at all, he has something to back the ego trip up with, so it's ok. I will miss watching Jay drool over cute guys, and Tim drool over Jay. I swear tonight he looked like he was just going to pick Jay up and throw him up on the table and go for it! LOL

I think the top two deserved to go to Byrant Park, but am so very tired of Milias endless black and white, and then oh! black and white!! sigh.... I hope Jay wins the shoot least he has seen a color before and knows what to do with it!

Cliff O'Neill said...

Gleeful to finally be rid of Anthony. Again. Hopefully, it sticks this time.

And I'm really happy for Seth Aaron, since I was worried when I first saw that look. And I'm aghast as to how much I liked Emilio's dress.

Which reminds me, how funny is it that we both came up with the same Thanksgiving Day Parade imagery for Emilio at Fashion Week? Guess he just lends himself to being full of hot air.