Tuesday, April 06, 2010

An Open Letter To The Parents And Students Of Itawamba County School District:

You must be so proud of yourselves.
You pulled a fast one, you sneaky, homophobic, bigoted, asshats.
And how you must be laughing now, that you kept The Lesbian, Constance McMillen, her date, and some of those, excuse my language, retards, from attending the prom and ruining it for your demon spawn children.
Yes, you said you'd have a prom and let Constance come. How magnanimous of you. I'll pause, while you get a dictionary and look up magnanimous. I know it's a big word. Oh, you don't have one of them dictionary word books? My bad.
We'll move on.
So, Constance thought she was getting her prom, and you'll faked her out. You and the rest of your backwoods, cousin-fucking, toothless, moonshine drinking, grade school drop-out hillbilly brethren had two proms. One for the freaks, like Constance McMillen, her date, and four or five special needs students, and one for the normal kids.
You think you outsmarted Constance.
You didn't.
She went to prom with her girlfriend, which is exactly what she wanted. And she got a prom where she wasn't ostracized or called names or shunned. She got to dance with her girlfriend.
So, who won that round
I'd say Constance, because she continues to learn more and more about the parents and students of the Itawamba County School District, and realizes she doesn't fit in there. She has a brain, and a heart, and common decency.
You, parents of Itawamba County School District, are left with hate and black hearts and children who will carry on your legacy of small-mindedness, and bigotry and homophobia. One day, when your children are grown, maybe, as you sit around the buckstove warming up some possum stew, and reading from the Good Book, you'll hear about all the great things Constance McMillen has done with her life. And you'll look around your trailer, at the empty beer cans and tins of chew, in a room filled with your own demon spawn who don't have a job and wonder who really won the fight over prom.
Constance did.


David Dust said...

It's a shame those inbred fucktards are too stupid to read your words. Constance needs to get the hell out of that shithole and never look back.

froggy said...

School districts are going to have to address this issue sooner rather than later. The gay teenagers in the Ponder children's circle of friends solved this problem by pairing up with the opposite sex - all up in their place of honor on the fridge.
(I've *really* got to get into scrap booking, I'm running out of fridge...)

David said...

Excellent ! Shame the hill billys won't ever get it though

Wonder Man said...

They should be so ashamed

Anonymous said...

This has been an issue for nearly 30 years, actually. Aaron Fricke was told in 1980 that he was not allowed to bring his male date to the prom. He sued the school and won. I remember hearing about it when I was in high school. He was the only openly gay high school student I was aware of in the entire country; there certainly weren't any at the time at my school of 2,000 or so kids.

It's sickening that 30 years later, schools and parents still pull crap like this.

Beth said...

I'm interested to see what more they find out about this. How utterly horrible.