Friday, April 30, 2010

Not Home Schooled, But Home Teaching

We always hear about how rosy things are up in Canada, with their health care and their gay marriage, and.....and.....well, that's a good start. But it really isn't all Shangri la and Xanadu for the LGBT community. There are still pockets of bigotry and hatred.

Case in point: Lisa Reimer, a music teacher at a Catholic high school for girls in Vancouver, was told that she must now work from home after parents complained about having a lesbian teach their kids. The school, Vancouver's Little Flower Academy, wants Reimer, to finish out her contract, which expires in June, by staying away from the students.

Lisa Reimer is not buying it. She doesn't think it's the parents who want her gone, she believes it's the school. In December 2009, she came out to school administrators when she asked to take parental leave because her partner was expecting a baby; in January, she was denied the request, and now she is not allowed to teach her class, and must work from home.

Little Flower Academy principal told Reimer the administration had no concerns about her abilities as a teacher, but that many parents were worried about Reimer's potential influence on students.

See, as a music teacher, she'll use music as a means to indoctrinate small Catholic children into the homosexual lifestyle. Damn! How can we ever increase our numbers if the straights won't allow us near their kids?

Not so rosy, Canada, not so rosy.

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froggy said...

You know what else is weird about this? Little Flower Academy is a high school. My daughter would have run away from home before she would have let me send her to a school named Little Flower.