Thursday, April 08, 2010

More Cases Of The Pope's Inaction

First there was a case in Germany, when then Cardinal Ratzinger, shipped a pedophile off to therapy and the reassigned him to another parish so he might molest again.

Then came the news that the same thing happened in Wisconsin. The Reverend Lawrence Murphy spent years molesting children at a school for the deaf in Wisconsin, but when the case came to the attention of the Vatican, Cardinal Ratzinger, before he became pope, declined to take action.

Now comes word that he knew of two more priests molesting children in Arizona and, oh yes, he did nothing.

The Associated Press has learned, through documents in their possession, that as a Vatican cardinal, the future pope took over the abuse case of the Reverend Michael Teta of Tucson and then let it sit idle at the Vatican for years despite repeated pleas from the bishop for the man to be removed from the priesthood.

And then we have Monsignor Robert Trupia, also in Arizona. In writing to then-Cardinal Ratzinger--the man who would be pope--Bishop Manuel Moreno called Trupia "a major risk factor to the children, adolescents and adults that he many have contact with."

Apparently Cardinal Ratzinger simply decided not to respond to the bishop's letter.

Of course, the Vatican has called these new allegations "absolutely groundless" and states that the delay in defrocking Teta was caused by a hold on appeals while the Vatican changed regulations over its handling of sex abuse cases.

So, they let a pedophile continue to work with children while they restructured their process? How does this make them look like anything more than accomplices in the case? The fact is that, from the time Cardinal Ratzinger was informed of Reverend Michael Teta's activities with young boys, it took the church twelve years to act.

Twelve more years of pedophile priests.

This pope has been aiding and abetting child molesters for years. He either blatantly helps them out with trip to therapy and new assignments, or he simply ignores new cases because the rules are being rewritten. Either way, he needs to step down.

How can anyone continue to support this church, knowing what they have done? I can understand keeping the faith, but not keeping the pope and his cronies.

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Paul Benjamin said...

This entire situation is so sad. I have plenty of friends who are of the Catholic faith, but I have no respect left for Catholicism. Any religion who can tolerate this behavior, yet judge others for being sinful is not a religion that I want to be a part of!