Friday, April 09, 2010

I Didn't Say It

Bishop Bernando Alvarez, blaming child molestation on the victims, because after blaming The Gays, then Satan then The New York Times who else is left....Tiger Woods?:
"There are 13 year old adolescents who are under age and who are perfectly in agreement with, and what’s more wanting it, and if you are careless they will even provoke you."

Steve Carell, on the unbelievably daunting task of having to stare at Mark Wahlberg's chest while filming Date Night:
"Looking at Mark Wahlberg's chest is like looking at the sun. If you stare too long, you go blind."

Colin Farrell, in a statement of support to an Irish LGBT youth support group:
"I can't remember much about the years of physical and emotional abuse my brother Eamon suffered. I was very small. The thing I do remember though, quite literally, is blood on his school shirt when he came home in the afternoon. The beatings and taunting were very frequent for my him and a constant part of his school years. I didn't understand at that time the concept of 'difference'. Back then, as now, he was just my big brother. If I did understand what difference was I understood it in the most pure and unaffected childlike way. To me then, as a child, difference meant being left out. Joy and laughter came with being included, being embraced , and BELONGING to.
People are often afraid of difference. They feel that anything that causes fear, should be turned away from. My brother represented fear for so many people, but caused joy in my life. From a very young age he made me laugh with his intelligence and wit, made me aspire to his strength and goodness. He was to be embraced. To many of the students of his school however he was to be feared. He was to be turned away from. I didn't understand it then, and I still don't know. As a race we humans are united and divided by emotions. The mother and father of all emotions, the queen and king are love and fear. Love unites, it brings us closer to an understanding of the possibility of beauty amidst all the confusion and pain that life can bring. Hate is a disease. It is fear's messenger and it makes us do terrible things in a shadow of our better selves, of what we could be."

Jane Fonda, on her last round of plastic surgery:
“I caved. If I was really brave, I would have not. I vowed I wouldn’t — I did, and I don’t feel proud of it. I didn’t want to look kind of tired and jowly any more…I didn’t do a lot, right? Your lighting is so good, you probably can’t see my crow’s feet and everything like that. I don’t look weird — do I look weird? I like my crow’s feet and I like my little laugh lines. It was just the little jowls away, that’s all. I didn’t want to lie about it. I’m writing a book about getting older, so I had to admit it. I feel so good. I’m so happy.”

Rufus Wainwright, on his change of heart about marriage equality:
"I have been with Jorn [Weisbrod] for five years and he's the light of my life. He's my inspiration, support and he's good in the sack, too! But I am very aware of living in the U.S., of the conundrum that you can't marry your gay partner and give him citizenship. He has to apply for a green card and he may or may not get accepted, which is annoying when you're in a committed relationship. If we were straight, we could get married and he'd get his American passport and it would make a lot of sense.
I wasn't a huge gay marriage supporter before I met Jorn because I love the whole old-school promiscuous Oscar Wilde freak show of what 'being gay' once was. But since meeting Jorn that all changed."

Dan Savage, on pedophile priests and shark attacks:
"Three shark in attacks in Florida, million of sharks in the ocean, and no one will go in the water. Hundreds and thousands of children raped in churches and people still send their kids to church. It's crazy. You should be sending your kids to gay bars. There they will be be safe."
Family Research Council head, Tony Perkins, calling the religious right to stop giving money to the GOP because of their recent lesbian bondage bar scandal:
"I've hinted at this before, but now I am saying it -- don't give money to the RNC. If you want to put money into the political process, and I encourage you to do so, give directly to candidates who you know reflect your values. Better yet, become a member of FRC Action and learn about the benefits it offers, including participating in the FRC Action PAC which can support candidates who will advance faith, family and freedom."
Dancing With The Stars judge Bruno Tonioli on Kate Gosselin:
"Kate is pretty dreadful. She's crap. She's entertaining, [how] people like disaster movies — I'll tell you, we have our own disaster movie. 2012 is nothing compared to the catastrophe she produces."


Michael Rivers said...

Some GREAT quotes here. Savage, Fonda, Carrell and Farrell are my favs!

froggy said...

aarrrgghhhh! 13-yr-old boys are 13-yr-old BOYS - they are children. It doesn't matter what they say or do it is you job, as an adult, to protect them, at the very least. And to teach them, nurture them and keep your needs and interests separate!

Cubby said...

Bruno tells it like it is!! I wish that bitch Kate would go away.

SteveA said...

The most disturbing quote is that from the Bishop - it's absolutely 100% crazy!

Joy said...

Savage is so right!

That bishop is SICK and criminal!

It's even worse than Bruno described Kate's zombie movement - not dancing.