Thursday, April 01, 2010

Phoebe Price

In case you aren't following, or haven't heard, the story of Phoebe Price, here it is:

Phoebe Price was the "new girl" at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts, and, for being the "new girl" she was mercilessly tormented by a group of her fellow classmates until she finally could no longer stand the abuse and killed herself.

These students who tortured this girl, who were later dubbed the "Mean Girls" by Massachusetts newspapers, would call Phoebe Price "Irish slut" or "whore" on Twitter, Craigslist, Facebook and other "networking" sites. At school, though, her books were routinely knocked out of her hands as she walked the halls; people threw things at her; her face was scribbled out of photographs on the school walls; threatening text messages were sent to her cell phone.

Apparently, all this hatred at Phoebe Price was because she made the mistake of briefly dating a popular senior football player in her first freshman weeks at the school.

And now, she's dead.

On January 14th, after another day of hell in school, where Phoebe Price was harassed and threatened in the school library and in a hallway, she walked home. One of the "Mean Girls" drove by and threw a can of Red Bull at her. And probably laughed as she sped off.

Phoebe hung herself in a stairwell of her home.

An awful end, perhaps, except it didn't end there. Those bitches who tortured this girl posted vicious comments on the Phoebe Pince's Facebook memorial page. Even in death, Phoebe Price was taunted and bullied.

Nine students--seven of them girls--have been indicted on charges ranging from criminal harassment to stalking to civil rights violations. One little bitch--and you might think me mean by calling her might think it bullying,...but that's what they are--was charged with assault with a dangerous--the Red Bull can. Two lovely young boys were charged with statutory rape.

Awful. Right?
Terrible, how hateful kids can be. Right?
Where do they learn these things?

Well, my guess would be, at home.

See, the mother of one of those nine bitches and rapists is defending her daughter, saying she might have said mean thing to Phoebe Price, but Phoebe Price was no innocent girl. Well, maybe Phoebe Price wasn't a nice girl; who knows. But she can't speak for herself, now, can she?

Angeles Chanon says Phoebe Price called her daughter, Sharon Chanon Velazquez, names, as well. Sharon is charged with stalking and violation of civil rights resulting in bodily injury. Angeles Chanon goes on to say, in her infinite wisdom, "They're teenagers. They call names."
And a girl dies.

Angeles Chanon says her daughter cried the day she was indicted. really? How sad. But, and I'm guessing here, Sharon Chanon Velazquez didn't cry at all when Phoebe Price was pushed and shoved and called a whore; and Sharon Chanon Velazquez didn't cry when someone threw something at Phoebe Price, and I'm sure as hell positive Sharon Chanon Velazquez didn't cry when she heard the news that Phoebe Price hanged herself rather than face one more day at school.

So cry now, Sharon Chanon Velazquez. And let your mother defend you.

At least you're still alive so she can.


froggy said...

Interesting article here
about why kids bully.

In my perfect school if a kid was caught bullying the parents would be called in immediately. There would be a looooooong session with a counselor, there would be serious sanctions for continued behavior, the parents would be brought in each and every time. There has to be a cost to this kind of behavior until it stops.

Writer said...

That's horrible! :(

robertga99 said...

So sad! And a lot of parents now will defend their kids from any wrong doing.

Anonymous said...

awww her daughter cried. i'm sure she'll cry in jail too.


Wonder Man said...

This really makes me mad

libbycoleman said...

Those evil parents of the bullies should shut up. They are already very hated in society by now, since everyone knows what their kids did.

Trish1700 said...

I happened to see a picture of Sean Mulveyhill on the beach at Cape Cod. Pictures say a lot.
Sean was the senior, star running back and football captain. He 'dated' Phoebe until they had sex then dumped her. His hone town girl friend was Ms. Narey, a field hockey star and the leader of the girls who bullied Phoebe Prince.
The picture shows that both the mother and father are extremely obese and VERY unattractive. To have such a good looking, athletic son probably blinded them to any of his faults. He soon learned he could do no wrong, both at home and at school.
Poor Phoebe.

Jenni said...

I have to say that I am disapointed in the other students at this high school. Granted the parents should step up as well as the school administrators. But here is the deal. While I was in school my parents taught me to stand up. Sometimes I wouldn't do it for myself, but when I saw something I thought was wrong or if someone was being picked on for no apparent reason... I stood up. Yes I got pushed around some, and yes there were days when I did not have the energy to do it; but I would anyway; Why? Because that is what my parents taught me. I had no crowd, no click... I had me and I was okay with that. Others should be too.

froggy said...

Interestingly I had a student tell my all about how he stood up for a mental disabled boy but wouldn't hesitate to denigrate a gay student.

Jenni said...

There is no way around it.. Being a bully is being a bully is being a bully. There are straight lines for right and wrong and my parents taught me how to follow them.. No detours. Making someone feel bad about themselves via "teasing" is WRONG. It does not matter the sexual orientation, the race, the religion, the sex, the IQ... It is wrong to try to make any one feel less then they are. It is after all the golden rule.

Anonymous said...

My Prayers are with Phoebe's family. Being bullied through out my childhood and my teens, I understand the pain and desperation that Phoebe must have felt. This is an occurrence that happens on a daily basis in schools and out of schools. I made it through my torcher, and I am so saddened when another young person has the seemingly only option left that is permanent. There is a better day to come, reach out, someone will listen, I promise!! As for the young adults who have pushed her (Phoebe) to ending her life here on Earth; I pray you see what you have done and that you take responsibility for your actions, no matter how small. All the torment you dished out, for sure helped push this young woman over the edge. To thine own self be true and you will know freedom. You'll pay the consequences of your actions, but you will know a new freedom!! Peace and Love RJ

Anonymous said...

im not sure whats happened with the people that did this to her but they should ALL be accountable for jail time. i just wish phoebe killed them before she did herself and make this world a better place. these kids will no doubt say they regret it but the only thing they regret are the charges. if i lived in the U.S. id go on a road trip and on the way beat each of those kids within a fraction of their lives. the parents are blind to what they are.

Anonymous said...

It's bad. Children live what they learn. Bad parents make bad children.From what I read this sharon girl is an agressor. This thing did not have anything to do with her and she was the one aggravating this Phoebe girl. If Sharon wanted to help Flannery, she could have suggested that she calm down and act civil. However she acted in the only way she knew how-hostile. I don't think she was thinking at all. It all seem to come natural. A lesson Miss Velezquez, this is going to hurt you mor than it hurt Phoebe, and I hope you and your family is prepared for it-you are tagged!

leeeeeeeenka said...

i think it's horrible what happened. but as i'm reading about this case, what i see is that phoebe was that kind of person who is susceptible for being bullied, and, as the wiki says, she was also bullied in ireland. it's too bad, why such sensitive kids don't search for any help instead of killing themselves? sometimes somebody has to die to show to the rest of the world that there are some people around us that we should look after more than for others. very sad story, it should not happend anymore.

Anonymous said...

You’re going to think I’m a bit off but hear me out, I have a theory about this spike in bullying. I actually believe that if you look at the center of who is initiating the bullying you may find that person is prescribed Adderall, I have seen many people go in rages while on this drug and everyone can basically get it now. I say that because it happened to me. I was prescribed it and I become the meanest person ever, and I had influence over my friends and made them hate people I didn’t like also.

rv backup camera said...

Reading this makes me want to simultaneously cry and break someone's face at the same time. You are so right about children learning a lot of this behavior at home. Do you remember that story a few years ago about that girl who was being cyber-bullied and she killed herself? I don't think it was this case, it was primarily through FB and after she died her mom tried to speak out on behalf of her daughter and to help other kids going through the same thing, and the bully's parents defended them! Parents need to keep a better eye on their kids, whether they are bullying or being bullied this needs to stop. I'm not a violent person and I know it won't solve anything but everytime I read about someone being bullied it makes me want to smash those bully's faces in.


Anonymous said...

It's sad because people don't realize words hurt and for her life to be taken by ignorant individuals is very un called for how the bully's mother is standing up for it to good they should put the mother in jail for giving an okay for this the girls crying cause she's going to jail atleast one day she will get to come out and live the rest of her life the innocent ones never get a second chance they never thought about that I just hope the bullies come to their sences and realize what they did was way out of line.

Anonymous said...

A documentary on Phoebe Prince has just been aired on UK TV. What these bullies did to her was absolutely deplorable.
Having been bullied at two schools that I attended as a teenager; I would agree, to some extent, that some individuals are susceptable to being bullied. Obviously,however, this by no means make such heinous behaviour acceptable.
It's usually the way that someone has to die before legislation for anti bullying laws is put into place.
It would be great to think that the 9 individuals who were prosecuted have learnt from their disgusting behaviour to NEVER behave the way they did toward Phoebe. However, as I've already mentioned, as some individuals are susceptible to being bullied, the same rings true for the bullies also.
RIP Phoebe Prince