Monday, July 12, 2010

A Patriot Where Most Of Us Might Least Expect It

How many times do you see a homeless person and think the worst? Some drug addict or drunk asleep in a doorway? Some lazy dirty person who won't find work but has the nerve to ask you for change? A crazy old lady who is warned to stay away from you? Well, one of those homeless people, a man living on the streets of El Paso, Texas, is garnering praise this week after rescuing Old Glory.

Gustus Bozarth was trying to stay dry during a rain storm this past week, but then something caught his eye and made him leave the so-called "comfort" of his homemade shelter, and his two cats, to head into the storm.
He saw an American flag that had been knocked over by the storm and, after carefully folding it military style, he tucked it under the windshield wiper of a nearby vehicle and then moved the flagpole to the front of the building.

The next morning, employees at Management & Engineering Technologies International [METI]were mystified to find the neatly folded flag on one of their trucks; they suspected vandalism, but a stretch of surveillance tape revealed Bozarth and his act of patriotic chivalry.

"When we saw that it was a good Samaritan, we were shocked--and even more shocked to see that it was a homeless man who had been around the area for quite a while," Rebecca Orozco, METI spokeswoman told local media. And, recognizing Bozarth as the homeless man, whose shelter is in the back of warehouse not far from METI, she add, "So, we were able to locate him and thank him for the good deed that he did and for helping our flag to be saved."

How many of us, with jobs and homes, would go out in a rainstorm to rescue an American flag, fold it properly, and place in somewhere safe?
After so many of us have turned our backs on him, or looked the other way, thought him to be crazy, lazy or drunk, this man didn't turn his back on the country, and the flag that represents it.
How many of us would do the same?


Cubby said...

This story made me cry.

Anonymous said...

I would. Well I would go into the storm to save the flag but would be unable to fold it properly.

R.J. said...

I still remember how to fold it properly but other than on some false patriot's 4WD truck I don't see them flown around here except on holidays.