Friday, July 23, 2010

Get Thee To Home Depot

The ironically named American Family Association--it's ironic because they are unAmerican and anti-family--has launched their boycott of Home Depot, because the Depot is a gay-friendly company, both to it's LGBT employees and the LGBT community at large.

The AFA wants you all to stop shopping at Home Depot, and lists a slew of reasons why:

Well, I say STFU AFA.

And to you, I say, Why drop a letter of appreciation to Home Depot for their continued support of ALL Americans, not just the heterosexual ones.

Go HERE and tell Home Depot that you appreciate them. And then get thee to a Home Depot and buy something.



G said...

With two homes I am joined at the hip with Home Depot. I thank them with my $$$$$$.

Stan in NH said...

Let's all tap our feet together three times and say, "There's no place like Home Depot. There's no place like Home Depot."

Biki Honko said...

Well, i normally shop at Lowes but now I will go to Home Depot first to buy what I need! Thank you so much for alerting me to what a wonderful company Home Depot is! I was blown away that they will pay for sex change operations..... Now if only the rank and file insurance companies would cover this.

R.J. said...

I love Homo Depot. They sponsored my favorite NASCAR driver for nearly a decade and stuck with him when he was the biggest jerk in sports. They always have what I need at reasonable prices and until they treat me wrong I'll always shop there.

Mark in DE said...

We purchased 100% of our rental condo renovation materials from Home Depot, and I'm going to send them a letter (thanks for the link) to let them know that I appreciate their support of ALL Americans.

mrs.missalaineus said...

after buying a house, my husband and i refer to home depot as 'church'since we tithe there regularly now. now we have even more reasons to keep shopping there.