Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brown v Griffin

I suppose by now you've all heard the ruckus arising over Kathy Griffin calling Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown's daughters "prostitutes." And, um, yeah, if you haven't heard it, then you aren't getting your news from the E channel or Entertainment Tonight.
But, anyway, on a recent segment of Kathy's Emmy-nominated Bravo show, My Life On The D-list, she was being quizzed on her political knowledge by CNN’s Dana Bash and John King. When King held up a photo of Brown, Griffin identified him as “Scott Brown, who is a senator from Massachusetts and has two daughters that are prostitutes.”
In the matter of a nanosecond, Bravo's "legal" team had the following message roll across the screen: "Scott Brown's daughters ARE NOT prostitutes!!!"
I'm glad they told me, because otherwise................
So, everyone is up in arms that Kathy made an inappropriate joke and Brown's children. Well, two things: Number One: Making inappropriate jokes is what Kathy Griffin does. It gets her publicity and she likes that. And B: Scott Brown's "children" are grown women.
Now, before you go all, "But still, Bob, she shouldn't have said that about them." Let me say, I agree. I love a good funny raucous joke and this most assuredly wasn't it.
But, and there is always a but at ISBL, Kathy Griffin made that particular "joke" because when Scott Brown was elected to fill Ted Kennedy's Senate seat, at his acceptance rally, he introduced his family by saying: "As always, I rely on Gail's [his wife] love and support, and that of our two lovely daughters. So I want to thank Ayla and Arianna for their help as well....Just in case anyone who's watching throughout the country, yes they're both available."
So, um, was Scott Brown pimping his daughters out? No; that's something that a lot of fathers would say about their daughters in front of a group of rowdy strangers.
They're available.
And when Brown's wife and daughters looked at him, mortified over what he'd just said, Scott Brown added: "I can see I'm going to get in trouble when I get home."
So, see, there have been two jokes made about Scott Brown's daughters. One, a not-so-funny-go-for-the-easy-cheesy-laugh, by a professional comedian, and the other a not-so-funny-go-for-the-easy-cheesy-laugh, joke from a father.
Lay off Kathy Griffin.


robertga99 said...

He better back off Kathy...She'll cut a bitch!

Dan said...

I love how he did exactly what she was hoping for, getting here even more free press than she already gets!

He is a jag! His daughters probably laughed at the shit.

R.J. said...

The pols better back off KG. Even Barney Frank had a problem with the joke but me thinks Frank doesn't have much of a sense of humor. Rude jokes are why we love KG and tune in every Tuesday night.

RAD said...

Kat is a tiger..She loves shit like this! LOL!

Kris said...

This made my day! I love Kathy!