Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Lindsay Lohan Mugshot Triptych

I commented on Wonderman's blog this morning that everyone hopes that Lindsay Lohan has learned something from her recent spate of legal ailments, and I said, judging by her latest mugshot, that it looks like she's learned how to take a good one.
So, there is that.
And then I found the proof.
Here is the trifecta of Lindsay Lohan Mugshots:
The latest one is on the left and Lindsay looks rested and tanned, ready for the relaxing spa treatments of the next sixteen or so days in jail
The middle one was taken when she served 84 minutes in jail way back in November 2007.
That one, on the far right, is from her original DUI arrest in July 2007.
See? She has learned something.
And, if she works real hard, and keeps her, um, nose clean, I see a future career in the Lindsay Lohan Mugshot Beauty Schools.
Which Lindsay Mugshot is your favorite?


R.J. said...

Nothing beats the original. It's worthy of Mug Shot Monday!

the dogs' mother said...

The first one when she still had a chance to turn it around.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to go with number 3.

SteveA said...


Stan in NH said...

I love the triptych concept. Why not have all three? It's very 80's, which is hot now. Maybe she can sell them so she can afford to pay her lawyer.