Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BP Republicans

When the oil spill began in the Gulf, many people, including President Obama, wanted to hold BP accountable.
These Republicans quickly leapt to the defense.....of BP.

Ladies and Gentle-Ladies, your The BP Republicans:

Congressman Joe Barton, the top Republican-BP on the committee overseeing the oil spill and its aftermath, delivered a personal apology to BP, saying the $20 billion fund that President Obama directed BP to establish to provide relief to the victims of the oil disaster was a "tragedy in the first proportion."

As criticism mounted in the wake of Joe Barton's apology to BP, R-BP Representative Steve King came to his defense. "I think Joe Barton was spot-on," King said on the conservative Laura Ingraham radio show.

Kentucky's R-BP Senate candidate Rand Paul leaped to the defense of BP, calling President Obama's efforts to hold the British company accountable for the Gulf Coast oil spill "un-American."

On a conservative radio show, Sharron Angle — the GOP-R-BP nominee for Senate in Nevada — called the Gulf oil spill victims' relief program a "slush fund." When a caller suggested the BP payout was extortion, she agreed, saying, "Government shouldn't be doing that to a private company." Her solution to the energy crisis is to "deregulate" the oil industry.

Representative Michele Bachmann [R-BP Minnesota] defended BP, criticizing the Gulf Coast oil spill fund — designed to aid spill victims — as a "redistribution of wealth."


R.J. said...

I hate these asshats.

Kyle Leach said...

Bob, love the posters. Dead on.