Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random Musings

Well, The Next Food Network Star is back again, and again, I'm hooked. They've changed the format this year, breaking it into three teams, each with a Food Network mentor: Giada De Laurentiis, of the blazing white teeth and oh so perky personality; Bobby Flay, arrogant douche; and Alton Brown, who, and call me crazy, I find absolutely adorkable.
He’s nerdy; he's cute; he's very smart, very nice, and wears bow-ties.
OMG....he's Carlos!
That explains that.

I thought this had already happened, I mean, it's the 21st century and all, but this week Adam Lambert's new album "Trespassing" debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200, and #1 on the Billboard Digital Albums Chart. 
It's Lambert's first #1 debut, and also the first time ever, that an openly gay singer has had an album debut in the top spot. Elton John and George Michael, each had top spot records, but not before they came out, and, oddly enough, they haven't had a top spot record since coming out.
So, congrats to Adam Lambert for another first.

Lots of gossip this week about former Cosby Show cute kid Raven-Symoné being a lesbian and living in NYC with her girlfriend. It was all over the Twitter and the Facebook, until Raven came out, pardon the pun, to say that her private life is her private life and she will not comment on whom she is dating or with whom she might be living.
So, is she gay? I dunno. If she is, good for; but bad for her for staying in the closet because a lot of young Black girls, who are struggling with coming out could be helped by Raven's story.
If she isn't gay, well, good for her, too.

Speaking of Is she gay or is she straight....
Queen Latifah performed at the Long Beach Gay Pride last weekend and apparently told the crowd that she was proud to be among "her people."
Instructing her audience "to conquer hate with love" and to "let their inner light shine in the world," Latifah, long rumored to be a lesbian, admitted, "I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time."
But she didn't say those two words, I'm gay, that people have expected. So, is she testing the waters? Is she just gonna go Jodie Foster or Jim Parsons and be known as a gay celebrity until one day it's just mentioned in passing.
Again, if Latifah came out she'd certainly be helping a lot of people struggling with coming to terms with their orientation.

So, Forbes magazine named JLo as the Most Powerful Celebrity in the world. Seriously. JLo.
I guess being on Idol, selling Fiats, hawking her “clothing line” at Kohl’s, being a spokesperson for hair color and makeup and, well, anything else, plus schtupping a backup dancer young enough to be her son, is Forbes definition of power.
Sadly, Oprah toppled from the top of the list, though she is rumored to have made $165 million last year.
But her network, OWN, which I’m not sure she really OWNS reportedly lost another $330 million.
So, even if she OWNS a third of OWN she took quite fall.

I caught a bit of The View this week and again I am wondering: Isn't it time for Babs to retire?
See, they were discussing the wedding of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to his longtime girlfriend, And the discussion turned to the fact that the marriage took place after Facebook went public, and how Zuckerberg might have planned it that way because if he and the new missus get a divorce in the future, his earnings from before the marriage are untouchable.
Okay, so maybe he did it that way and maybe he didn't. No one really knows except the Zuckerbergs.
But, Batty Babs Walters claimed that Zuckerberg did plan to marry after the stock went public so he wouldn't have to share that pot of gold. She claimed it as gospel.
Funny, but, how does she know that? I mean, the first status updates Babs ever made was etching into a cave wall: Today Daddy dragged home a brontosaurus for dinner.
Someone make her retire already.

Dharun Ravi, the former Rutgers student who, with friend Molly Wei, pushed Tyler Clementi toward suicide because they videotaped him having sex with another man, was sentenced to thirty days in jail this week.
Now, I understand that he was actually charged with eavesdropping, and not murder, but when your eavesdropping leads to someone killing themselves, maybe thirty days is the wrong sentence?
Just sayin'.

Battleship. The movie.
B-one. G-seven.
I mean, the alien bullets are shaped like the peg pieces from the actual game.
And, really? Rihanna?
Are there no new ideas anymore?
Did no one learn from Clue: The Movie?

You gotta love a politician who says it like it is.....
Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, long rumored to be a potential vice presidential candidate alongside Mittsy, wasn't mincing words when he was asked about it yet again: “If I thought that call was coming, I would disconnect the phone,” Daniels said in an interview with Fox News.
And last week former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty told the Minnesota Star Tribune: “I'm going to take my name off the list, so if ... you're a journalist, an observer, remove my name from the list,” It gives me the giggles that more people are saying Don't pick me than are saying I'll do it.
In fact, only loons like Santorum and Gingrich seem interested.
Poor Mittsy, your own party doesn't think you have a shot.

Flipping channels I caught some of the American Idol finale last night.
Such a trendy show.
Neil Diamond!
Chaka Khan!
Reba McIntyre!
And Idols dressed in white like an old episode of The Brady Bunch, when they tried to be like The Partridge Family.


Cubby said...

The Brady Bunch... that's exactly what I told Greg!

Wonder Man said...

I'm proud of Adam, I thought he was done

the dogs mother said...

Heard JLo is producing a reality series starring her very young dancer boyfriend. oh. dear.

Tivo Mom said...

Have the time Babs does not look like she knows where she is. J Lo really? Carlos is a cutie if he looks like the guy from the Food Network, I actually liked Clue the movie just your randomness

Ron said...

So now along with being named the Most Beautiful Woman In The World by People magazine, Forbes names Jennifer Fat Ass Lopez as the Most Powerful Celebrity In The World? Give me a f**cking break. Proof positive that those magazines are run by Jo-Lo ass kissers.

Ron said...

Mitch Daniels is a smart man. He knows Americans would never elect a man president who has a comb over.