Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mittsy's Home State Says 'No Thanks, We're Voting Obama'

I understand that polls can be manipulated, depending on where and when they are taken, and the numbers of people who take part, but, still, every so often a poll comes along that I like, I trust, and I find absolutely high-larious.
Case in point: a new poll outta Massachusetts has confirmed what everyone knows: the people of his home state do not want Mittsy Romney to be president.
In fact, they sooo don't want him in the White House that, according to that Suffolk University/7 News poll, President Obama leads Mittsy by some 25 percentage points among likely voters, with Mittsy winning just 34% of support in the state where he was once governor.
And, to be fair, as i said, polls vary, and numbers can be manipulated, but just how does this scenario--a presidential candidate who fails to win his home state--fit into the game?
Well, it turns out to be rare for a candidate who loses his home state to go on and win the presidency. 
And there are some exceptions. In 1844, James Polk, then-governor of Tennessee, managed to win the presidency even though Tennessee said 'No thanks.' And New Jersey governor, Woodrow Wilson won the White House while losing his home state in 1916. And even Tricky Dick Nixon, who lived in New York, lost the state but won the White House in 1968.
So, it can happen, just not very often.
As for Mittsy? 
Mr. Romney received a Master's Degree from Harvard, in Massachusetts, has lived there, in Massachusetts, for years, ran unsuccessfully for the Senate, in Massachusetts, and served as governor for four short years. And, his presidential campaign headquarters is there, in Massachusetts.
What isn't there, in Massachusetts, is a victory for Mittsy in November.
And is there a reason for this? Well, James Thurber, a presidential historian at American University, said that presidents who lose their home states become estranged from their base: “It depends whether the individual has moved away from the core voter in their state, and certainly the story there is that Romney has.”
Now, he panders to the conservative wingnuts and Donald Rump.


the dogs mother said...

Time to shake the Etch-a-Sketch!

Mitchell is Moving said...

It's also very satisfying to see his relationship with Donald Trump already biting him in the ass ... and not in a good way. (Ugh... I don't even want to imagine THAT!)

Wonder Man said...

yeah, he's going to lose