Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Time It's Real: The GOP Kills Civil Unions In Colorado

Mark Ferrandino, Democrat for Equality

They went to the edge and then they pulled back.
Then, they went back to the edge, and pulled back again.
Now, they've killed any chance of Civil Unions legislation in Colorado this year.
The effing GOP. So, so behind the times, So, so out of touch. So, so in the Dark Ages.
Vote 'em out. Vote 'em all out.
John Hickenlooper,
Democrat for Equality
A last-ditch effort by Democratic Governor, John Hickenlooper, to grant same-sex Colorado couples the same, or, at least similar, rights as those granted opposite sex couples, has failed at the hands of the republican party.
The death of Civil Unions legislation will now be used by the Democrats in the upcoming elections to try and run the GOP out of office for their avid stance against equality for gay couples, because that's what it is, anti-equality.
See, when the bill seemed doomed, the governor demanded that a vote be taken on it--and it was believed that it would pass--but the GOP-controlled statehouse--led by Republican Frank McNulty--sent the bill to the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, which voted 5-4 along party lines to kill the measure.
And the GOP knew this would happen and that's why they did it.
Representative Mark Ferrandino, Democratic leader in the House and the openly gay lawmaker who co-sponsored the bill, is not done, yet: "If it fails this year, we're going to work hard to make sure the public understands what happened, the games that were played, and next we're going to push it again. And as I've said a number of times, it's not a matter of 'if,' it's a matter of 'when.' And the 'when' keeps getting sooner and sooner. This will happen."
And it will, and the GOP will be left, on the sidelines, with egg on their faces, for denying equality.
Denying equality. That's the GOP.

Frank McNulty,
Republican for Discrimination



kathy said...

kind of surprised Colorado doesn't even have civil unions!

BosGuy said...

Ironic... a former Republican US Senator, Lincoln Chafee(now an Independent Gov in RI), recognized same sex marriages this week. Unfortunately, the state will not perform those ceremonies, but that will be reconciled soon.

Republicans in the Northeast bear less and less in common with their national counterparts as the Republican Party becomes more socially conservative.

I'm sure that is one reason Olympia Snowe (US Sen from Maine) decided to finally step down.