Friday, May 11, 2012

Good News Friday: Marcus Brandon Wins Reelection

Yeah, yeah, yeah, North Carolina slipped back into the Dark Ages earlier this week when they voted at add discrimination to their state Constitution.
And yeah, yeah, yeah, that bit of hate was diminished when President Barack Obama announced his belief that same-sex couples be allowed the same rights and privileges of marriages as our heterosexual counterparts.
But, there was also a glimmer of bright, good news in North Carolina this week when state Representative Marcus Brandon, North Carolina’s only openly gay state legislator, won his first reelection bid in a primary rematch against the Democrat he defeated in 2010.
With 26 of 31 precincts reporting in Guilford County’s House District 60, Brandon led his opponent by some 2,000 votes.  
Hopefully Marcus Brandon can shake up politics in North Carolina and teach those folks to keep their religion out of the statehouse, or allow the statehouse into their religion; like, maybe, taxing those so-called churches that preach politics from the pulpit.
Congratulations Marcus. You are the lone bright spot in North Carolina this week.


kathy said...

Proves that when you know someone they aren't that scary after all.

Wonder Man said...

hopefully this hottie can help them get it together