Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Josh Dixon Comes Out

Josh Dixon could become the first openly gay male gymnast to participate in the Olympics. And he'll be hoping to win gold for the US team.
The Stanford graduate--who finished second out of 72 competitors at last weekend's U.S. Men's Qualifier in Colorado Springs--is publicly addressing his sexual orientation for the first time.
"This would never affect how I'm judged or my position on the U.S. Olympic team," Dixon says.
Dixon, while at Stanford, had a friend come out to him, and it spurred his own coming out process. He soon began dating another athlete at Stanford, and when his teammates found out about it, the general reaction was, "Oh. That's cool."
And so now he's out, and stepping closer to making the US Olympic gymnastics team.
Good luck, Josh, and welcome out.
Of course, the obligatory Welcome Out Toaster oven and copy of The Gay Agenda will be winging their way towards you.
Keep training, and bring home the gold.
And, again, welcome out.


kathy said...

Loves these type years - three sporting events - the Olympics and two political conventions!

Gerry Burnie said...

Good Luck, Josh.

Wonder Man said...

great, this story is moving along