Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random Musings

We’ve had an interesting Spring.
Back in March, Carlos lost his job because, well, let me put it in my own words, the health care company for whom he was working, couldn’t manage a gumball machine much less a business and they went under.
Bad news, eh?
Good news? The company that was taking over for the old group was hiring people from the old company.
Bad news? The position Carlos held was paid for out of a Ryan White Grant and the new company had yet to receive that grant so Carlos would not be hired at that time.
Good news? A woman who runs a dental clinic for homeless, low-income and HIV patients needed an office manager and offered the job to Carlos. She told him that she new this wasn’t the job he wanted but that he could have it until something better came along.
Bad news? The pay was really low, and the hours, well, low, too.
Good news? Carlos met a woman here in Smallville, AKA Camden, who runs a counseling group. She wants someone to work with the Hispanic population in our county and thought Carlos would be perfect.
Bad news? There is none. The money is comparable to the job he had for the health care company and the hours are good. There is the opportunity for this new job to pay for education and training as a counselor, and, in my mind, best of all, the new job is right here in Camden, which means Carlo’s commute goes from 80 miles a day to about twenty.
Good news? When Carlos gave notice at the dental clinic his boss was like, Go! Good for you! Go! Talk about a fabulous boss, woman, human being!
Congratulations baby.

Out there in Washington, home of The Dog’s Mother AKA Froggy, a new, independent, statewide poll finds that an overwhelming majority of voters approve of the Washington’s law extending civil marriage to same-sex couples.
Oh, but they do.
Washington voters approve of the law by a 54-33% margin.
In addition to extraordinary support by 87% of Democrats, the poll also found significant support among Independents, nearly mirroring the full poll, at 52-36%.
Still, next week equality opponents are expected to submit more than enough signatures to put the existing law allowing same-sex marriage up for a vote come November.
Still, with support on the rise, I am confident that Washingtonians will approve equality.
I mean, it’s equality, right?

Happy news? Again?
Three years after getting engaged at a rally to support marriage equality in New York state, Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni were married this past Sunday. 
The Sex and the City actress, and Tony nominee, and the education activist, have been together since 2004, and Marinoni gave birth to their son, Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni, in February 2011. 
Nixon has two children from her previous relationship with photographer Danny Mozes. 
Congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds.

I like snark. 
I mean, what’s not to like, eh?
And when I give my review of things, I tend to get kinda snarky. And, every so often, I get some of those folks about whom I right, in perhaps a snarly way, to write me and tell me how they feel.
I used to get Tweets from Mondo of Project Runway after I’d Tweet my recap of the show, and now, some of the folks from Design Star are responding to my first recap of this season:

 Thank you for the hilarious review of the show. Hopefully I can give you a more fabulous gay next week!

And then I got this comment, which may, or may not, be the real Bex—though I’m thinking it might be:
Bex Hale said...
This is hilarious! I think I'd rather read your blog than watch the show. - Nerdy Bex

So, I’m sure most of you have heard the story, and seen the awful video, of that four-year-old boy singing "Ain't No Homos Getting Into Heaven" in his Indiana ‘church’.
Well, after allowing the parents of that child to use him to spread hate, the ‘church’ has posted a message to their website:
The Pastor and members of Apostolic Truth Tabernacle do not condone, teach, or practice hate of any person for any reason. We believe and hope that every person can find true Bible salvation and the mercy and grace of God in their lives. We are a strong advocate of the family unit according to the teachings and precepts found in the Holy Bible. We believe the Holy Bible is the Divinely-inspired Word of God and we will continue to uphold and preach that which is found in scripture.
Um, okay, you may not condone hate, but you most certainly teach it when the parents of a four-year-old taught their son that song and the pastor of that ‘church’ allowed him to sing it.
That’s teaching. And, yeah, it’s practicing hate, too.

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund has congratulated Latina and out Lesbian, Mary Gonzalez, on her win  in a decisive Democratic primary to represent District 75 in the Texas House of Representatives. 
Yes. ♫♪Texas has a Lesbian In It♪♫.
Gonzalez faces no Republican opponent in November, meaning she will win the El Paso seat and become the state’s only openly LGBT lawmaker.
Congrats Ms. Gonzalez. 
And congrats to Texas, too.

And let's end with the current Song In My Head, from the Broadway Musical, The Book of Mormon. I wake up singing it, and have been known to start off with the line, ♫♪Turn it off♪♫ at the most inappropriate when someone else is talking:


mrs.missalaineus said...

congrats to carlos!

i dont need cable anymore- between you and david dust i get all the recapping i ever need and nerdy bex is so right, it really is better than watching the actual show!


the dogs mother said...

Got dizzy reading Carlos Saga but likes the happy ending!

WA - two signature gathering projects - One I'm betting is going to fail - marriage is between one man and one woman - not getting sigs and not getting $$. The other to overturn is getting sigs (but they had to get paid gatherers...) and it looks to be the battleground issue. Eldest already changed his home address so he can vote absentee in whatever state he and C end up for her internship.

omg! all Design Stars should read your reports - you will learn things people!

Ken Riches said...

Quite the whirlwind for Carlos and his job(s), but glad he definitely landed on his feet :o) said...

Congratulations to Carlos!

And to you for helping to keep the Design Stars in line!umandiu 16