Friday, May 18, 2012

Good News Friday: Christine Quinn Is Getting Married

This weekend, Christine Quinn, the speaker of the New York City Council and longtime advocate for marriage equality, will marry her girlfriend, Kim Catullo. While the wedding is a personal event in Quinn and Catullo's lives, some folks believe it is a political event, since Christine Quinn is expected to ask New Yorkers to elect her as their mayor.
Quinn disagrees: “There’s really not a political implication to this for me as it relates to electoral politics. We’re trying to make it really a day, a night that’s about friends and family and us.”
But, nost observers of the New York political scene say the wedding could benefit Quinn, as it would give her an early chance to share her story with voters and to underline the historic nature of her candidacy: if elected she would be the first woman, and the first openly gay person, to lead the nation’s largest city. But Quinn also has to be cautious about not appearing to use a personal moment for political gain.
During the fight to legalize marriage equality in New York, Quinn repeatedly talked about her relationship with Catullo as an example of what was at stake: they wanted to be able to get married, Quinn would say, while their fathers were still alive and could attend the wedding.
And they will. When Christine and Kim walk down the aisle they will be accompanied by their fathers, Larry Quinn and Anthony Catullo.
When marriage equality passed last year, Christine Quinn wept as she said how excited she would be to go to a family gathering the next day and, for the first time, discuss her own wedding plans, including what dress Kim Catullo’s grandniece might wear as a flower girl.
“I really can’t really describe what this feels like,but it is one of the best feelings I have ever had in my life.”--Christine Quinn
Best wishes to the happy couple. And, I for one, hope, someday, that every gay and lesbian couple that chooses to do so, will experience the joy of marriage.
from left:
Anthony Catullo, Kim Catullo, Larry Quinn and Christine Quinn


Debbie said...

Bob, love the pic of the ladies with their fathers. The world will eventually catch on and realize that there is no difference between love and marriage between same sex and heterosexual couples when loving parents for instance (like the fathers of these two women) love and support their children without reserve.

BTW ... you are a monster with the writing! I work on several posts at a time but it takes me weeks to crank one out. You are amazing!


anne marie in philly said...

I second debbie! what a cute couple, and YAYZ for having supportive parents; not all gay (and str8) people have family members who love them unconditionally.