Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kyle McCarter and Illinois GOP Defeats Anti-Bullying Measure, Citing "Gay Agenda"

Kyle McCarter:
 Illinois GOP Conservative,
Pandering To Bigots,
Homophobic, Bullying, Liar
I grow weary of the idiocy. I grow weary of people saying nonsensical things and expecting us to accept it as, well, as a non-religious person I won't say gospel, but they do seem to want everyone to accept their delusional rants as the truth.
And I'm so tired of it.
Case in point: this week the Illinois Senate turned down a bill that would have encouraged anti-bullying programs in schools, after conservatives argued that such programs could be used as a front to promote homosexuality.
Let me get this queer--and pardon my French, as my Mom would have said, because I’m pissed--but how does helping to protect kids from name-calling, shoving, taunting, teasing, having the shit beat out of them, driving them to attempt, and often succeed, at suicide, promote homosexuality?
Illinois douchebags? I’m talking to you. 
And I'm hearing back, from a Republican, of course; one fuckwad named Kyle McCarter, who says, “There are anti-bullying programs that have an agenda, to only protect one class of individuals.”
Um, Kyle, you homophobic, bigot, it's an anti-bullying legislation; it isn't anti-gay-kid-bullying, or anti-redheaded-kid bullying, or even anti-fat-kid bullying. It’s aimed to stop kids from terrorizing kids, but if you can label it pro-gay, as the GOP labels anything in order to denigrate it, then you think you can defeat it.
Well, Kyle, when more kids in Illinois are beaten and teased and taunted to death, I hope the state lays the blame squarely at your feet. And the feet of GOP homophobes and bigots.
McCarter then added, “Some of these programs are very good. They indeed encourage kids not to bully, [but] there are programs throughout the United States, used in some high schools and universities, that really have just a pro-homosexual agenda, and nothing but that.”
Where Kyle? Give us examples, please? Oh, but you can't, because you know what Kyle? There is no such thing as a Gay, er, Homosexual, Agenda. Oh, I know, I've used that term on this here blog thingy from time to time, when I welcome out people who come to terms with being gay and accepting  who they are, but there is no Gay Agenda.
Except equality.
Except being treated equally.
Except not wanting to be murdered because we're gay.
Except for not having preachers want to round us up and put us behind fences where we can starve to death.
Except for not wanting to hear one more idiotic word come out of the mouth of one more Republican moron who can't come up with an argument against protecting children from bullying children.
You are a moron, Kyle McCarter.
You are an idiot, and a bigot and a truly awful human being.
I would hope that, if there is any kind of Gay Agenda afoot in Illinois, its one mission is to see people like you removed from office.


the dogs mother said...

That's just breathtaking that is so backward.

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Methinks he doth protest too much....

He is a big ole self-hating queen. Miss Ginger is never wrong. Mark my words, someday he'll get caught in a bathroom stall with a mouthful of cock and balls.

Rainbow said...

Trying to stop bullying is part of the gay agenda...but we are trying to make it part of everyone's agenda. Geez...what a douchenozzle

Anonymous said...

I love thefact that you don't back down from calling someone out! Abner would be so proud!!!!!!

Biki said...

Since the GOP has come out so strongly against any bullying law, it can only mean one simple thing. Its a way of killing us, but yet still keeping their hands "clean". Stupid slag haters.