Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thousands Show Up In Support Of The LGBT Community In Anti-Worley March

Last Sunday more than 2,000 protesters, armed with signs and slogans, lined ,Southwest Boulevard in Newton, North Carolina, to protest the May 13 sermon by Charles Worley, pastor of Providence Road Baptist Church, in which called for all gays and lesbians to be imprisoned behind an electric fence.
Hmmmm. Maybe an electric fence around North Carolina is in order?
The protesters carried signs in support of the LGBT community; some said things like, “Jesus had 2 dads and he turned out just fine,” and “I am a gay, moral, conservative Christian.”
The local sheriff department and Newton police officers kept the peace as the protesters stood by the side of the road and cheered every time a car drove past and honked in approval.
Of course, there was a counter-protest, as some folks supported Worley and his church, just like some folks in Nazi Germany supported Hitler and his regime. Still, the numbers were way off balance, with just about fifty people carrying signs that said things like, “Sodomites are vile, unnatural and worthy of death. Romans 1:21-32.” And “Gay pride is why Sodom got fried.”
Catawba Valley Citizens Against Hate member Laura Tipton, the protest’s organizer explained her goals for the event: “Hopefully our protest today will send a message that we, as a community, as a state and as a country, will not stand in the background in silent acceptance. This protest has grown beyond Pastor Worley. I hope his congregation sees that we are gathering in love. Their messages are wrong, and we will not accept them.”
Tipton contacted "Pastor"Worley after his sermon, and while he said he made a bad choice in his words, he did not apologize for what he said.
Hitler didn't apologize, either. Let's not ever forget that.....


Bill Dameron said...

I grew up in North Carolina in the 60's and 70's. It was full of pastor Worleys and congregations that agreed with him. Fortunately I escaped, because there was no one then that would protest. Finally, people are evolving. Thank God.

the dogs mother said...

Saw a counter sign directed at one of the street preachers out there. Fellow held a sign next to him <-- This Man Has No Teeth.

R.J. said...

Sons Of Thundr? Sounds like it's related to "Morning Thunder" somehow.

Biki said...

This story made me smile! If we keep pointing the bright light on these haters things just might change a wee bit faster.

By the way said...

The guy with the sign that read "this guy has no teeth" is from the show, Bully the Bullies. His name is Joey Kirkman. Go to