Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gay Couple Banned From Lexington Catholic High School Prom

Hope Decker is a senior at a Lexington Catholic High School, in Kentucky, and like most seniors, she was looking forward to going to prom. The only trouble, at least in the eyes of the Catholic school, is that Decker is a Lesbian, and hopped to attend prom with her girlfriend, Tiffany Wright, who attends the same school.
Didn't happen. School officials banned her from attending her prom because she was bringing her girlfriend.
"What I experienced in the Dean's Office was blatant homophobia," said Hope Decker. "We were told that this school has catholic principles and so they couldn't let it happen."
Catholic principles like not letting a girl bring her date to prom? Or Catholic principles like priests raping children is kind of okay?
"At first I was really upset," said Tiffany Wright. "I mean, we both cried and then I was like, this is ridiculous. There's gotta be something we could do about this."
Hope Decker and Teresa Wright, along with dozens of their friends still dressed for prom, and even attempted to gain entry to the event. They were turned away, so they opted for a makeshift, parking lot prom, which, in my mind, removed from Catholic homophobia was far more fun.
"I just think it's ridiculous that a school that claims to foster love and equality is doing something like this to its own students," said Wright.
Those students who attended the outdoor prom have started a petition they plan to send to the school's president and principal, along with the bishop, in the hopes their situation might lead to change for future couples. They have already received more than 100 signatures from other students opposed to what happened.
The school principal said he could not comment on the situation, but added that Lexington Catholic adheres to the guidelines set forth by the Catholic Church.
The same church that turns a blind eye to child rape.
That church.


Wonder Man said...

I can't believe this and it's in Lex-Town

mrs.missalaineus said...

so what do they tell the kids who attend solo because they are afraid to be themselves? you ca't come without an opposite sex date?

no matter how much i hate where i am at, i am glad i no longer in a small way work for the outfit. the fucking catholic church might as well just say on their marquis, 'god loves you*, *if you look just like the salvation army jeebus and act like mary....


DAVID said...

to all the kids and parents who believe in these two girls having their right to attend the prom, I say, drop out of the school and go elsewhere. When you take action and start hitting people and organizations as well as a church, hitting them in the pocket book will have an negative affect for sure.