Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Ain't One To Gossip, But ....

Ah, TravoltaGate, Day 134. I kid, it just seems like it's been months and months. But there is some new stuff out there, like....
Masseur #1 and Masseur #2--both dropped by their original attorney--have run panting to Gloria Allred, media-whore-attorney, so you just know it's gonna be a circus. 
And then we have the story of two more men who were groped by Johnny T--one man from Seattle and one man from Miami--along with another masseur--what is it with Travolta and masseurs?--who claims he had a night of passion with Johnny back in 1997 after Travolta had flashed him during a massage. 
Miami Masseur, AKA Jeff-Not-His-Real-Name, is breaking his Groping Silence to tell his story of One Night with Johnny: "[Travolta] was putting his hands where he wanted me to work and kind of grinding on the table."
Then he reached over and put Jeff’s hand on his, um, well, the papers are calling it Travolta's 'Bathing Suit' area, and Jeff pulled away, but then continued the massage, until Johnny again tried to guide Jeff's magic fingers back to the crotch-a-tory region. Then, Johnny started putting his butt up in the air. 
Jeff: "I was just trying to do whatever I could to distract him but he started getting aggressive and grabbed my hand again.” After the massage, Travolta began jerking off and told Jeff he could do it, too, saying, "No one’s going to know.”
Now, Seattle Man has a different tail, er, tale to tell. He's not a masseur, just a regular hotel employee in Seattle, where an event for Travolta was held by Qantas; Travolta is their "amb-ass-ador" or some such. 
Anyhow, Seattle Man Not Masseur, was cleaning up after the gig, and says Travolta accosted him: “He came up right behind me and grabbed my ass… I turned around and saw that his....bathing suit area....was out of his pants.”
And Marty Singer, Travolta's lawyer, keeps trying to spin the story, er, stories. He claimed a week or so ago that Masseur #1 and Masseur #2 had dropped their suits without settling, or being paid by Travolta. Not so much, really; they dropped their attorney, and then both men hired Allred.
So, there's that.....
And Allred has now officially “reached out” to Marty Singer, meaning settlement negotiations have now begun, basically. That brings the total to seven different men who say they are victims of TravoltaGrope, and TravolatBathingSuitAreaGate.

So, y'all know about the Will Smith is gay stories, right? I mean, they've been out there since he was the Fresh Queen, er, Prince.
And they won't go away any time soon as long as Will reacts to man-on-man action the way he did in Moscow.
Will was at the Moscow premiere of Men In Black III--seriously, Three?--working the red carpet like a whore on Hollywood Blvd when a Ukrainian reporter shakes Will’s hand, then kisses one of Will’s cheeks, then twists around and kisses the other cheek, and then moves in for a mouth-to-mouth kiss. 
Little Willy freaked.
He shoved the guy away, and starts to walk to the next reporter, but then stops, turns, reaches back, and smacks the reporter in the face.
At the next reporter, he nervously giggles, and says, “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.” 
Then he muttered something about how he shouldn't have said that, and then continued down the carpet, smiling, signing autographs, posing for pictures and so on.
No big deal? Well, maybe not except the video has gone viral, you know, because of all the Will is gay stuff.
But I think he way overreacted. I mean, pulling back and saying "Not cool." is one thing, but to turn away, then turn back, and smack the guy, smacks of something a little more like shame.
And, before you say it was a guy trying to kiss him, remember, Will's a "married" man. If that guy tried to kiss his wife and she slapped him, would that be the same? If it was a female reporter who tried to kiss Will and he slapped her would you think the same?
It smacks of homophobia, and maybe even self-loathing closeted homophobia.
Just a thought.

I don't watch The X Factor, but, well, if it becomes the trainwreck Howard stern seems to think it might, it might just be DVR-worthy.
Apparently the people closest to Britney Spears worry The X-Factor opportunity will be just another rise before a fall--and this time it'll be live in front of millions of viewers.
A source--and it might be Xtina--says, “Doing X Factor may lead her back into meltdown territory. She gets extremely nervous and anxious. She’s hard on herself and not very confident. For her, it’s all input as stress. This is a lot of change at once for Britney. She’s coming undone.”
And it hasn't even aired yet.
But friends and handlers, okay, maybe they're all handlers, are worried about Britney's loopy behavior, and the fact that she seems to go from laughing to crying in the space of a minute. But, those same handlers seem to be pretty pleased by the $15 million paycheck Brit-Brit is bringing home.
But even home is not all sanity. At a friend’s crawfish-boil party, Britney showed up sporting cutoffs, a cropped top and no shoes, and then and proceeded to ignore the other guests while muttering obscenities to herself! Hanging out alone by the food, a source says, “she would sort of say to no one, ‘F–k it, I’m eating whatever I want. I don’t care.’ Everyone was wondering what was up.”
What's up is that Britney doesn't do well around people. Neighbors who live near her $25,000-a-month, five-bedroom mansion in the private Sherwood Country Club says she is very private and rarely, if ever leaves the home. makeup and hair people come to her; restaurants deliver; trainers come by. Britney almost never goes out, and now she's set to be on TV in front of millions.
It don't look good, y'all.

Katie Holmes--TommyGrrrl Cruise's robot-wife--isn't looking too good these days.
Recent photos show the formerly perky sometime-actress, sometime-fashion designer, looking a little, as we say down here in horse country, rode hard and put away wet.
I mean, look at the eyes. It’s as if the light bill hadn't been paid and Scientology flipped the switch. And the gray hair.
Careful Katie, you're looking more like Tommy’s Mama than his Missus these days.
But, maybe there's more to the story. Sources--and by sources, I mean, Suri--are saying Katie is feeling the strain of her arrangement, er, marriage and is “devastated” that she’s not “living the charmed life Tom Cruise vowed to give her.” 
Plus, she's no Nicole Kidman.
And she's not even Mimi Rogers.
Apparently, this tiny insider says Katie is also upset that her arrangement, er, marriage, to Tommy hasn't resulted in a boost to her career, and she's really upset that Tommy won’t even do a film with her--even though he did a few with the last Missus Cruise, Nicky Kidman.
She also is upset that Tom leaves her alone to go off and make his movies, and get that plastic surgery, and visit his home planet, but that makes me wonder: wouldn't a woman be happier with Tommy Gone than Tommy Home.
He seems like he'd be exhaustively self-involved and dull, but she literally signed up for this, and the lawyers have the papers to prove it.

I can't help but laughing at this one. I mean, she used to be BIG....well, she's still BIG, and getting bigger, but she's not as popular, and maybe not as rich, as the old days.
Who's that you say? Oprah!
Oprah’s troubled OWN network is floundering in the red, to the tune of being some $330 million dollars in debt. Oh the humanity! Think of all the cookies and cakes she could have had for 300-mil.
In fact, a Businessweek media analyst says OWN may go down as the “most successful failure in television today.” 
Ow! And Oprah has sunk lower than, well, Oprah in a swimming pool, going so far as to beg people, LITERALLY, to watch her channel, and now she’s pleading with her A-list friends to help her out. 
That should be fun, eh? According to the National Enquirer, Oprah has been begging Scientologists John Travolta, Will Smith, Kirstie Alley and Tom Cruise to star in reality shows.
John Travolta in FingerGate!
Tom Cruise in How's My Beard!
Kirstie Alley in I'm Still Fat, But It Pays The Bills!
Will Smith in Don't Kiss Me On Camera, Here's My Room Key!
Apparently, Oprah has finally realized that C-listers like Rosie O’Donnell won't save her OWN sinking ship, so she's trying to call in favors from the Scientology clan and promises never, ever to ask them about their "religion."
So far, all Oprah’s 'friends' have said, “We’ll think about it!” 
Better hurry, I hear every thought costs Oprah another million bucks!

Let's drop in on Lohan, and Liz.
Lifetime’s Liz & Dick begins production in a few weeks, and there's still no dick, er, Dick. And Lifetime has been combing their stable of Lifetime men, like Eddie Cibrian, to play the part.
Eddie.Cibrian. Let's let that one rest for a minute because, well, I'm puking a little in my mouth.
They also seem to want Wilmer Valderrama who never met a syllable he couldn't mush mouth, and they even thinking.....wait for it......Charlie Sheen. 
OMG. Train, followed quickly by, wreck.
Luckily, or not, Lindsay has gone into full diva mode and wants to handpick her dick, er, Dick, herself. So, choices for Richard Burton have been narrowed down to Gossip Girl star Matthew Settle, Sean Maguire, and CSI 's Craig Robert Young, but after watching the audition tapes last weekend, “Lindsay declared that none of the actors were the right fit and that she wanted to go to London to look for a possible Burton actor there.”
I think Lindsay heard you can buy prescription meds easier in the UK.
A source--and you know it's Dina, sipping chardonnay right out of the box--says, “Lindsay is being an absolute nightmare about who should play Burton. She believes Matthew Settle is too old to play the role, and she wants a major A-list star to be her co-star. However, her salary for the role took up a major portion of the budget, and the Burton gig will likely only pay $200k, max. The producers don’t need to get Lindsay’s approval of who will play Richard Burton, but they want to keep her happy.”
Lindsay wants an A-list star?
That's the most high-larious thing I've heard today. I mean, her last acting gig was three lines on Glee, followed by a two-day bathroom break, and she's gonna demand a star!?!?
Look, this thing is gonna be a mess no matter who they get, so I suggest they get a famous TV star, who could draw big numbers to the net.
I'm thinking Homer Simpson?

Chris Brown was at the Billboard Music Awards last weekend, lip-synching and dancing and grabbing his Little Chris Brown. But this isn’t about that, this is about Chris the night before....
Chris Brown’s infamous temper flared up again when he angrily confronted a stranger over a group of girls in a top Vegas club. According to witnesses, Brown spent more than two hours Saturday night at Haze at Aria charming a group of young women and buying multiple bottles of Champagne.
But one witness--and I’m thinking Rihanna--said, “Brown got visibly upset when the girls moved on to the next table. Brown approached the guys in the group and started getting visibly agitated. Brown stood up, and looked like he was about to start a fight when club security stopped him.”
Now, Brown’s representative said this isn’t true, like he said that whole beat Rihanna thing wasn't true either, but the source goes on: “He got in the guy’s face and was cursing at him, and saying, ‘Are these girls with you or with me?’ The guy was stunned by it. Things were close to getting extremely ugly. Then Chris’ security and club security escorted him out.”
And even a Haze representative said there was an "incident" involving Brown but declined to give details, saying only that “Haze has a zero tolerance policy for violence.”
This guy needs serious help.
And maybe a singing lesson; or at least a singing live lesson.

I like Sharon Stone. years ago she said, on a red carpet, about gossip sites, "If you haven't got anything nice to say about someone, come sit by me."
I like that.
But now, she might be rethinking. See, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Sharon Stone is being sued by Erlinda T. Elemen, a former nanny. 
The nanny, a Filipino woman, claims that she was fired by Sharon Stone for “accepting overtime pay and repeatedly subjected to derogatory comments about her Filipino heritage and religious beliefs.” 
I'm gonna let the racism allegation slide for a moment: Elemen says she was fired because she "accepted" overtime pay? Um, if you're Workin' Overtime--not to be confused with an 80s Diana Ross record--you accept the pay, right?
Still, Elemen also says Stone told her not to speak in front the children because Sharon didn’t want them to “talk like you.” And Elemen ALLEGES that Stone used to tell her that Filipino people were “stupid”, and ALLEGEDLY mocked and criticized Elemen’s religious beliefs, church attendance and Bible-reading.
In fact, Elemen actually says Stone forbid her from even reading the Bible.
I'm not sure I'm buying this at all, because even Elemen says that, after she was fired, Stone invited her “to come back in the future to say goodbye to the children she once cared for.” 
And, Stone said Elemen was terminated without cause and even signed an email "Best Regards, Sharon Stone — See me for a letter of reference. SS.” 
Stone paid Elemen about $1000 a week, but since being fired, Elemen says she cannot find full-time work and......
Oh, she can't find work, so let's file a suit.
Plus, Elemen was fired 18 months ago, and is just now filing suit and saying she was racially attacked and belittled. And in that 18 months she filed claims for disability and worker's compensation, both of which were denied, so the next obvious step is a wrongful termination suit.


designing wally said...


"The Fresh Queen of Bel Air"....

And when it comes to massages with happy ending, nothing will make you forget that you've been wronged like a couple of gins & a new pocketbook full of Franklins.....

Bill Dameron said...

Poor Johnny, he has been in the closet so long, he doesn't know the way out and is just looking for someone to do it for him. He thought Scientology could cure him. Guess not.

Jim said...

Sad to say, but youngster Brittney Spears is a has been.
As for Lindsay, she continues to stumble through one disaster after another at the young age of 25 (or 26) ... such a shame.
There was a time when she and Brittney (Spears) would have been awesome fantasy for anyone. (wink wink)
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend Bob.

the dogs mother said...

Think the whole Britney thing is a bad idea for her but a great idea for the show - publicity++++

Anonymous said...

Britney is now the main reason I have the TMZ app on my Kindle and my phone.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Gloria Allred a media whore? I'm shocked, SHOCKED I say. I always think of her as being the media whore attorney.

Mitchell is Moving said...

You know, I avoid all celebrity gossip... except here. Thanks for allowing me this dirty little habit!