Monday, May 21, 2012

GOP Skips The Evolution

Hey GOP?
President Obama evolves on the issue of marriage equality, and then, according to several polls, we see a pro-equality shift among African-American voters, and voters in general, followed by the NAACP announcement of  its support for same-sex marriage.
What you gonna do, GOP?
The Republican-led House of Representatives has hastily added a provision to a new defense bill that would ban equal marriage ceremonies at military chapels.
Oops. Wrong move, GOP, you should' gone to Disneyland.
Generally speaking, the National Defense Authorization Act--costing some $642 billion this year--is a bipartisan bill that most lawmakers find difficult to oppose for a lot of reasons, one of which is that it includes a 1.7% annual pay-raise for troops. But some members of Congress try to tack on non-defense issues onto a defense bill so their agenda gets passed.
Like adding onto a defense bill the provision that same-sex marriages cannot be performed on military bases, even the ones that aren't, legally speaking, marriage. 
This measure comes in response to the announcement by Department of Defense--after last year's repeal of DADT--that military chaplains could conduct weddings for gay couples, though they were not required to do so. Add to that, the statement from the Department of Defense that there have been no same-sex ceremonies in military chapels so far.
But still, the GOP works toward discrimination while the rest of the world evolves.


the dogs' mother said...

Time to saddle up, boys. Obviously the military needs micromanaging and so it is time to step in, ALL the way in - I'm sure they'll find some uniforms that fit you.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Once again, the "party" of "less government" intrusion and greater "freedoms" shows that it's mascot shouldn't be an elephant, but a "hippo"crit.

Cubby said...

I really like that graphic. If all members of the GOP can do what that elephant is doing, maybe I'll sign up.

twunty mcslore said...

As much as I would like to say that The GOP should go right ahead and hang themselves by being out of touch, I have to shut down the part of my brain that is vindictive and hope that they wake up and do the right thing. Republicans are human too (barely) and they deserve leaders that are morally respectable and not hypocritical, as do liberals like me. If you want government to stay out of it's citizen's private lives, that should go for EVERYONE. Sadly, these rules seem to only apply for the rich and their corporations.

Ron said...

The GOP is fighing a losing battle. I think some of them are slowly coming around to realizing this. They're arrogant, selfish and stupid but maybe not that stupid.