Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Constitutional Discrimination For North Carolina

I kind of felt that yesterday was a good day in LGBT Land. We had Josh Dixon, Olympic gymnastic hopeful come out as a gay man, and we saw the Civil Unions bill in Colorado get close to passage--it has since fallen short due to the usual cause, the GOP.
But nothing prepared me to see an entire state add discrimination to their state Constitution.
But North Carolina crawled back into the Dark Ages last night when Amendment One became law, and now the state will recognize only marriage, and only bteween heterosexual couples.
Gay couples? North Carolina doesn't think you matter. And that goes for any straight couple that isn't legally married. You are all Less Than in the eyes of the state.
In America. Where all men are created equal.
And it wasn't even a close vote. No, North Carolina, you proved it last night, that you are 61% bigoted and homophobic.
And that point you cannot argue.
There is some uncertainty among legal experts as to the extent of the law, and what types of partnerships might be affected, since the terminology in Amendment Hate--domestic legal union--does not appear in North Carolina statutes.
So, they voted for something that, actually, doesn't even exist in the state, but, hey, as long as it kept queers from getting married, and punished anyone who chooses not marry, so what.
I wish, sincerely, that every gay couple, every gay person, every straight unmarried couple, and all LGBT-friendly business would simply pack up and go, and leave North Carolina to the bigots.
See, they have to fight someone, they have to discriminate against someone, they have to use their Bible and their so-called faith to punish someone, so let them take their hatred out on themselves.
They disgust me.


kathy said...

It still stuns me, in this day and age, that we are passing laws and amendments based on one group's religion.

designing wally said...

These pathetic and delusional morons will see repercussions from their decisions. Unfortunately it will most likely start in the most liberal counties, for shame.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I can never tell in these situations who is to blame. Is it because we in the LGTB community didn't unite with our allies to change minds and get out the vote enough, or is it that North Carolina is a just big old cracker box where fundamental rights are assured, but only if the majority believes they are for everyone.

Raybeard said...

'Sad' is not a suitable word. 'Tragic' is closer - and 'Outrageous' closer still. If I was a believer I'd say "Heaven help us!" but as I'm not I can only say "Fuck the entire 61% of them!"

R.J. said...

North Carolina is the home of NASCAR, Billy Graham and all things allegedly holy. I am not surprised or saddened Amendment One passed. I expected it.

I do not blame the LGBT community for this loss. There are far too many alleged Christians to overcome at the ballot box.

Stephen said...

Isn't Smallville in North Carolina?

Wonder Man said...

it is a mess

Biki said...

Sigh, the xtian taliban has won another round, yet again. Next up, headscarves and laws banning women from working.