Thursday, October 20, 2011

Letters! We Get Letters!

I'm always amazed by the comments I receive on ISBL. I mean, with as much as I rant about, oh, say, the GOP and pedophile priests and Lindsay Lohan, I rarely get any nasty responses.

I did get one a long time ago, when i posted a Pro-Choice blog entry, and someone who called himself a "man of god" sent links to pictures of aborted fetuses, but rarely do i get hate response.

I do, however, get a few asshats who write in, and this is the case of one such asshat.

I am continually devastated and enraged by the sheer numbers of young people, gay and straight, who commit suicide as a result of being bullied. I don't understand how schools are stepping up with Zero Tolerance policies, why parents aren't demanding Zero Tolerance policies, why something isn't being done.

So, imagine my surprise, and by surprise I mean disgust, when I got this response yesterday to the post I wrote about Jamie Hubley committing suicide [see post HERE]:
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Another One: Jamie Hubley": 
Honestly, today's society seems to produce nothing but "quitters" when it comes to these sort of conditions. Even though thousands of others are going through far worse, they still struggle on to the bitter end, no matter what.
I have no sympathies for these quitters of today. I faced my own struggles far worse, but I always kept a firm foot on the ground. If you can't, then good riddance as you more than likely wouldn't have been able to survive other hardships in life. 
First off, why Anonymous, asshat? If you're so much stronger than everyone else, why hide your name? Talk about quitting: "Oh, I'll rant and rave, but then I won't sign my name."

Fucking coward.

But now, about calling young boys and girls, who are so severely taunted, teased, bullied, and harassed, at school, on their phones, on the internet, everywhere they turn, that they feel their only option to make it stop is suicide, a bunch is quitters, is abhorrent.


Good for you that you were so strong as to endure hard times and not resort to killing yourself. Bully for you, because you are a bully, only you seem to find joy in bully dead kids, too.

I, too, like you, faced many hard times being a young, closeted gay man. I was bullied, teased, called a fag, taunted, harassed, hit, shoved, smacked and slapped, on a daily basis, like so many young people, and I also didn't try to kill myself, even though the thought crossed my mind almost constantly. I somehow knew it would end one day, and that helped me get through.

But, unlike you, you Anonymous Asshat, I also understand that all it takes is one moment, one single second when you don't think you can take another day, another minute, of the abuse, and you decide ending your life is the answer.

Unlike you, you fucking moron, I don't blame the victim for succumbing to the bullying.
Unlike you I have a heart.

So, thanks for coming by, coward, and showing your utter lack of compassion for anyone who couldn't make it through one second, and made a choice that ended their life.


designing wally said...

I'll bet he has a lovely bunch of friends...
I hope none of them ever need each other.

froggy said...

I don't think we have a bunch of *quitters* today. I think we hear about it now. When I was a high schooler a child committing suicide would have been covered up, not mentioned. If it was it would only be in the local paper - a very small article that the child in question died at home.
With our wide open media and social media we now hear about these things. I'm really hoping that Dan Savage's 'It Gets Better' campaign is helping. And that people in the spotlight who are whole, happy and successful give these kids hope.
(And folks like you xoxo)

Prince Toddy English said...

Comments like this really piss me off.
Having gone through anti-gay bullying as a teen I would be lying if I said I never gave suicide a passing thought.
When you are that age is has nothing to do with strength. All you know is that you want ACCEPTANCE (peer approval is EVERYTHING to teens, because they are consolidating an identity)but instead you are ridiculed and tortured on a daily basis.
I think people like this literally forget what it was like to be young...curmudgeonly old bastard!

Miss Lisa said...

Anonymous is part of the problem. Imagine sharing feelings of sadness and hopelessness to someone like this and hoping for compassion.

twunty mcslore said...

Anonymous anagram- Mousy Moan.

Shaddup, ya big weinie. Empathy ain't your strong suit, is it?

How much you wanna bet (s)he's a freaking school counselor or something, ugh!

Kyle said...

It is easy to pass judgement, not so easy to dispense help and empower others.

Wonder Man said...

see, your doing something to get mess like that

FDeF said...

Anonymous doesn't deserve the courtesy of a response.

Anonymous said...

I bet Anonymous and his/her friends are the kind of people who call each other "fag" and other lovely anti-gay names when they need an ego boost.

I bet this person accepted God as their Lord and savior.