Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Architecture Wednesday

I have a special place in my heart fro San Francisco; I didn't leave my heart there, for San Francisco is in my heart. Having spent a lot of time there as a child, and as an adult, it's one of the places I've always wanted to live.

And this house, designed by Terry & Terry Architecture, really makes me want to go back.
Of course, this being San Francisco, the house sits on a sloping lot, with fabulous views to the west. The architects were tasked with designing a family house in an urban setting that would showcase simple materials, clean detailing, and the desire for well juxtaposed spaces.

From Architectural Record:
"The main floor sits at the garden level, and contains the common spaces and bedrooms, with a view balcony at the front of the house that extends from the living room, and a large kitchen/dining area that opens to rear, outdoor living spaces. 

The lower portion of the house holds a guest room, children’s playroom, a media room, and utilities.

A roof deck is inserted at the top of the house and functions as a continuation of the garden living space. The roof deck also provides a unique connection to the surrounding hills speckled with San Francisco neighborhoods.

A detached garden studio is located at the rear of the property. This small satellite structure serves as a home office, and as additional family space.

Concrete walls form the sides of the house, and continue to the rear to enclose the backyard. A third concrete wall extends vertically from the garage structure below to form the fireplace and chimney. 

This use of concrete provides thermal mass for energy efficiency. The concrete absorbs heat energy during the day, keeping the interior comfortable, and helps to maintain a moderate, baseline temperature for the cooler evenings. Since the house is located in a relatively dense urban area, the concrete walls also add protection against fire.

Between the perimeter concrete walls, the architects used a combination of transparent glass and wood-skinned walls. The Ipe wood skin is devised as a double wall system, in which horizontal Ipe strips are placed over vertical, furring strips, allowing ventilation between the skin and the underlying wall, thus avoiding heat buildup in the wall and interior spaces."


Cubby said...

Sorry Bob, I gotta give this one a thumbs-down. I'm just not into prison chic. The concrete walls are a bummer.

froggy said...

Father got transferred to SF and parents lived there for three years. They had a flat down from Coit Tower and across from Alcatraz with a view of both bridges. Twins would stand in the window and call 'boat in the water! boat in the water! submarine in the water!' They got to go out in a sailboat and did the zoo, ghirardelli square and the piers. All the hot spots for pre-schoolers.

Wonder Man said...

that is a Barbie dream house

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the City by the Bay. I lived there for five years, and have been back several times since.

R.J. said...

I love this place from the outside. The inside isn't quite as good. I don't like the idea of sleeping in a concrete bedroom it's with one of those hot hunks Sean posts on his blog every Wednesday.

Kyle said...

Looks cozy and inviting. I like it.

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