Saturday, October 29, 2011

Caturday: Head Shots

I'm thinking of pitching a new idea to Bravo, The Real HouseCats Of Camden, so I have been taking headshots of the players for my proposal.
Here they are:
Tuxedo would be that cat. The one everybody
loves and wonders why he is on such a trashy show.
Consuelo Roca Jones would be the cat that flips the table.
Tallulah Belle is the crazy one, with the wonky eyes,
that you never know when she'll attack
MaxGoldberg will be the one who cries.
On cue.
And for a little diversity, we'll toss Ozzo in the mix.
He'll be the outsider who's always crashing the HouseCat
parties and eating their food.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Wow, that's a lot of fur flying! Maybe it should be called "The Real Crazy Cat Lady of Camden!"

David Dust said...

I'm thinking this would be more a "Lifetime Original Movie" entitled "Not Without My Pets!" starring Jane Seymour as you, and Catherine Zeta Jones as Carlos.

You're welcome.


mistress maddie said...

LOVE IT! Consuelo looks like a table flipper too! And Ozzo would be like the black girl on the a-alist- the only woman, oh silly me she isn't, there all girls!

Mitch Block said...

An unlike the HouseWIVES, this is a show I'd watch. Poor Ozzo.

Joy said...

Beautiful furbabies! They obviously deserve their own show!

froggy said...

Abby wants to guest STAR. Tar wants to be the hunky pool boy type.

Wonder Man said...

love their diva looks

Anonymous said...

Great idea! But pitch it to a classy network like Animal Planet or A&E. I can get you a couple of "guest stars" real cheap!

Robert-Kent said...

Ozzo is just so damn cute :-)