Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Pentagon Is A-OK With Marriage Equality

Oh, my, the spit is gonna hit the fan!

It seems that, with the repeal of DADT, the Pentagon has decided that military chaplains may perform same-sex unions, whether on or off a military installation.

Of course, some members of Congress--mostly those with an R by their names--have objected to military chaplains performing same-sex unions, saying it would violate the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA] and that it's wrong and and blibbetty blah blay blue, just let 'em say 'I do.'

But the Pentagon won't bend to the will of the wingnuts, and says that military chaplains may officiate at any private ceremony of their choosing, but they aren't required to do so, and may refuse if it would conflict with his or her religious or personal beliefs.

Take that GOP and NOM and FRC, and you other homophobic letters.

The Pentagon also says Defense Department property may be used for private functions, including religious and other ceremonies such as same-sex unions, as long as it's not prohibited by state or local laws.

So, there you have it. Even the US military has evolved on marriage and we're waiting on Obama to do so.


6 comments: said...

DOMA is next! I think that, once the Prop 8 tapes become public, folks will begin to understand that there is simply no reason for our government to continue to discriminate against same-sex couples.

Rainbow said...

Being a florist, my head spins every time I think about asking a gay soldier what are the colors of their wedding and they answer "camouflage". And also I have seen some of those halls on military bases. There ain't enough silk bunting in the world to make them look prettified!

twunty mcslore said...

Geez Louise, what is Obama waiting for, an engraved invitation to whack him in the side of the head?

Otaku said...

Doma is going down, and its going to be the military that causes its demise. Why do i think this? After blacks were totally accepted into the military family, the views of the nation changed on the civil rights blacks were being denied. And while im not going to sit here and claim there arent any racist humans living in our country, it did cause a huge sea change in the attitudes of the rank and file americans. The acceptance the military is giving to our gay and lesbian members will leach over into the rest of society.

Wonder Man said...

Obama will "ok" gay marriage in the 2nd term. I hate to say it, but it's politically strategic to do so

tamayn said...

I think Wonder Man is absolutely right. I think he's just waiting for there to be less risk for him. Quite simply in his first term, there's a lot of risk. He doesn't really need to worry after he's been elected. It's the unfortunate truth of political systems the world over.