Thursday, September 01, 2011

Oh, There's Outrage All Right, But It's MY Outrage!

In the spirit of fairness, I don't watch 'Dancing With The Stars'. Well, in the real spirit of fairness, I did catch some YouTubes of Kate Gosselin clod-hopping across the dance floor, but I don't watch the actual show. Could be because they call them 'stars' and they aren't stars at all.

Two words: Bristol Palin. In her case, the show should have been called 'Dancing With The Daughter's Of Failed Politicians and Media Whores' though that title might have proven a bit unwieldy.

So, there's always been controversy over who gets on the show. Are they stars or media whores? Athletes or wannabes? But now, with this next round of DWTS there is some new fuel to the controversy fire because Chaz Bono will be dancing.

Is Chaz a 'star'? Well, maybe not in the vein of his mother [Cher, for the one or two of you who live under a rock] or even his father [Sony Bono, entertainer-turned-politician for the two or three of you living under a neighboring stone]. But he is a published author, he was a media spokesperson, and he has been the subject of a documentary on his decision to transgender from female-to-male.

So, there is some 'star' in there. At least more star than ego-maniacal behemoth Nancy Grace who will also appear this season. But it's only the addition of Bono to the cast that is yielding a vehement reaction from some folks, and it getting ugly out there.

There have been all sorts of messages on the DWTS message boards--and who knew there was such a place?--about idiotic things like, who will be his partner? I put 'his' in italics because, ladies and gentlemen, Chaz Bono is a man, so naturally he'll be dancing with a woman. True, Chaz was born Chastity, but things change, and so do some people's gender when they recognize that they were born differently and opt to correct it.

So, Chaz is a man. Get over it. Deal with it. Move the fuck on from it.

Here's how this show apparently works: the 'stars' come on and are paired with a professional dancer and then each week they dance. The judges comment and then the public gets to vote on who stays. So, really, it's just a popularity contest.

But know this, Chaz Bono should not be voted for or against because of his gender reassignment surgery. He should be kicked off or kept on because he danced well enough, or poorly enough. This isn't a show about accepting transgendered men and women, it's a reality-pop-pop-fizz-fizz dance show.

If you don't accept transgendered people, or think the whole subject icky, then don't watch, and stay locked inside your bigoted, judgemental head for the rest of your bigoted, judgemental life. The show isn't an ad for or against gender reassignment It is neither a public welcoming of transgendered people, nor some sort of kangaroo court for the public to judge transgendered people. It's a reality-pop-pop-fizz-fizz dance show.

So, let's see how dimwitted and narrow-minded and asshatted and fucktarded people can be; here are some of those messages to ABC, and the DWTS message boards:

"HUGE HUGE fan of this show since season two and eagerly await each season to get my dancing/entertainment 'fix'!! But when I heard that Chaz Bono was going to be on, I was sick. Not that I have anything personally again her/him, I just don't want that lifestyle choice continually flaunted in the media esp ABC."
First things first, asshat. it isn't him/her. It's him. Chaz Bono is a man. Deal with it. Secondly, it isn't a lifestyle choice, it's a life choice to finally be able to breathe in your own body because you can now accept your gender and not fight against. Grow the fuck up.

"Chaz Bono How low can this show sink. Well you have certainly addressed the gay commuity [sic]. Guess this will not be a family show any longer!!!! Lost my family!"
Boo-freaking-hoo. You don't like gay folks or transgendered folks. Then stay inside, because we're here, we're queer, we're transgendered, and we're on TV.

"YOUR choice to bring Chaz Bono into the mix goes too far. I am not about to risk the potential for on screen dialogue about sex changes and gender confusion while my 7 and 9 year old are watching. If you want the "anything goes" hippy culture, then soon that is all you will get. You've lost us. In case any of you are wondering ... no, we are NOT tolerant. We are not tolerant to allow any and all influences to come unfiltered into our home and especially to our children. This is truly a sad farewell."
So, um, rather than have an open honest discussion about gender, gender identity, and reassignment, you'll just close the door to the show. Hmmm, I wonder how that will go over with you kids? Too bad you won't take the opportunity to have a conversation so maybe your children won't be as close-minded as their parents.

"Chaz will have to dance with one of the girls because she/he says she/he is a man but chromesomes [sic] say different no matter how many surgeries you have."
And no matter how many times you speak, you'll always be a delusional fucktard. But, other than me and, I know, countless other--and I may just watch this season and vote until my fingers bleed for Chaz if he proves a good dancer--he has another someone on his side.

Cher. Mom and original diva. After all these anonymous commenters plagued message boards mocking Chaz's selection for DWTS, Cher took to Twitter.

"Chaz is being viciously attacked on blogs and message boards about being on DWTS! This is still America right? It took guts to it. I support him no matter what he chooses to do...It took courage to do DWTS! Thank God Chaz has an unlimited supply."
True, Chaz is a helluva lot stronger than these morons. I think he gets that from his mother. But then Cher got pissed--and don't mess with a pissed off diva: 

"Mothers don't stop getting angry with stupid bigots who f--- with their children!"
Mothers should know better, and best. While some mothers are not accepting or understanding, and maybe don't want their children to be themselves and be happy, most mothers are that way. They were, in fact, born that way.

So, for all the naysayers, and all the supporters, what does Chaz have to say about all the ruckus?.

"At this point I want people to know that transgender people are just like everyone else. We're not people to be afraid of or misunderstood. I would love to get that message across."
'Nuff said.

ABC receives complaints about Chaz Bono's addition to 'DWTS'


Rainbow said...

Awesome Rant!! and I will be right there with ya in the bleeding fingers department! said...

I had no idea there would be so much drama when I gave DWTS an "ovation" for including Chaz!

I, too, will vote until my fingers bleed. Not sure if his dancing will really matter all that much to me ... it didn't matter to the folks that voted for Bristol Palin.

froggy said...

Go Chaz go!
We will be rooting for our hometown girl (soccer star Hope Solo).
(And wondering if Nancy Grace's partner is a bit frightened right now...)

Joy said...

As someone who has watched every episode of every season, it's mostly about fan base. It usually gets down to the best dancers eventually, but some have stayed on there too long (Master P and Billy Ray Cyrus for two) and some good dancers were voted off too early because not many people knew who they were. The good thing about DWTS is that the judges' votes count half which helps. The judges have been pissed at the voters because of this, too.

Guess we'll see who can dance and who can't. I've always called it Dancing with the Dwarf Stars after what was done to Pluto. Usually there are mostly C-list entertainers and below on there, questionable reality show media whores, but A&B-list athletes, but it's entertaining for many of us.

Chaz will get a lot of votes from Cher fans and for his courage. I don't see him being a very good dancer. You can't vote against anyone on there - just for. That's bothered me each season (K8, Heather Mills, and others),

Wonder Man said...

the nerve of some people

Robyn said...

What makes me sick is these people who attacked Chaz likely didn't have a problem with Bristol Palin or "Hot Tub" Tom DeLay dancing poorly every week. Hell, they were likely voting for them.

We're here, we're queer, we're transgendered and we're not leaving.

tamayn said...

Chaz Bono's being on DWTS is no different than anyone else. I think what pisses me off the most is the comment about it being unfiltered for her children. I've got news for whoever wrote that. Life comes unfiltered.

This is one of the things that's always pissed me off about people who say that it's the parent's responsibility to explain gender and sexuality to their kids. Most parents are either incapable or unwilling to talk to their children about it. So they learn it from other kids, normally who's parents have already talked to them about it because they believe it's a sin. Someone has to get out there and spread the truth before the narrative hits.

Miss Lisa said...

Chaz has a lot of class. America needs more class.