Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Patti Stanger Is A Moron

Patti Stanger is something called the 'Millionaire Matchmaker', a show she hosts for Bravo. Now, i admit I'm a big old Bravo queen, but I've never seen her show because she seems so abrasive and rude.

Guess I was right.

Stanger appeared ion last Sunday's 'Watch What Happens Live,' a show hosted by Jewish, out gay man, and Bravo executive Andy Cohen. Taking calls from viewers, Stanger repeatedly reiterated gay and Jewish stereotypes, leaving viewers offended and host Andy Cohen "visibly uncomfortable."

It all started when a gay man called in to ask about maintaining an open long-term relationship. Stanger said, "In the gay world, it will always be open," and continued, "I've tried to curb you people."

"You people?"

And, Patti? For someone who calls themselves a matchmaker--yet who surprisingly has yet to find a match for herself, you don't seem to realize that people are people, gay and straight, and open relationships are not strictly a gay thing. Some gay relationships are monogamous, some straight ones are not.

It's people, not orientation.

As Stanger spoke, Andy Cohen said: "I'm down for the monogamy."

Stanger burst out laughing. "When was the last time you had a boyfriend?"

One could ask Patti Stanger, the 'match'maker, that same question.

Another caller also got Stangered, when he called in to say he was looking for a committed relationship in LA, but was having trouble finding people with the same priorities. Stanger replied, "You're very handsome, I thought you were straight." She then clarified her thoughts because he didn't act "queeny."

Cuz you know, we gays are all the same. Queeny and unable to be monogamous.

But Stanger didn't just offend the gay men in the audience, she also offended many Jewish viewers. When a caller said a lot of the men she'd been dating recently were telling her only what she wanted to hear, Stanger, who is Jewish, asked, "Are they Jewish?" before proclaiming that "they lie."

The caller then clarified that the guys she'd been dating weren't Jewish.

Jewish men lie and gay men can't be faithful.

Wow, Patti Stanger paints with a broad brush.

Viewers went to Twitter and Facebook--as they are apt--and demanded that Stanger';s show be cancelled. For her part, Patti Stanger, who is obviously a moron and only wants to promote herself and her show, could only Tweet: "Love that I was trending last night between Packers & Sisterwives!"

Of course, even someone as moronic as Patti Stanger becomes aware that people find her offensive, so she decided to clarify her remarks, Tweeting: "Attn male Gays: I support you & my comment on WWHL was to a LA guy who can't find commitment...It's true LA gays toughest nuts to crack to monogamy!"

Wow. Some apology. It's only the LA gays who are habitual cheaters, I guess.

Like I said, I don't watch 'Millionaire Matchmaker' because Patti Stanger is an obnoxious, abrasive moron. But I see how this worked out. She hosts a show on Bravo, and went on a Bravo show to promote her show, where she made rude cracks about Jewish men and gay men, to the Jewish gay male host of the Bravo show.

It all sounds like a premeditated ploy to get viewers to watch her show. I think, perhaps, we should not. And not just because the matchmaker cannot find a match for herself. I mean, there has to be someone out there who loves obnoxious, abrasive morons who don't know when to STFU.



diatribesandovations.com said...

I'm with you. I think this is a big mistake of a publicity stunt. Stanger has always been rude and moronic on her show and treats her "clients" like dirty animals all while remaining single herself. I won't be watching her show again and I'll be rethinking BRAVO in general. (Sorry Kathy Griffin!)

Robyn said...

I never understood the appeal of this loser. I'm happy Bravo will have some quality fashion programming on Tuesday nights in about a week.

tamayn said...

This post hits the nail on the head. People love controversy and it keeps people coming back for more. Society has become more sensational over time. Stanger was more interested in that she was trending than why she was trending.

As a whole, we love stories of victory, but we see no harm in watching the train wrecks that sometimes result.

Tiger Chanter said...

Since Queer Eye went off the air and they lost Project Runway, I find that there is absolutely nothing to watch on Bravo!. All that's left are a bunch of ego-centric, self-centered morons. The network has really gone downhill...