Monday, September 12, 2011

That's Our Nikki: Transparent, Fiscal Conservative, Name-Caller

That darn Nikki Haley!

She don't like folks--especially reporters--questioning her or saying things Nikki don't like.So, how does she handle it? 

She calls the reporter, a female, a name. Not a bad name, mind you, but still.....The reporter wrote that Haley, who ran for governor on the typical GOP bull shiz of being a "fiscal conservative", spent $127,000 of the taxpayers money to travel to Europe "so she, her husband and the rest of the state's contingent could stay in five-star hotels; sip cocktails at the Paris Ritz; dine on what an invitation touted as "delicious French cuisine" at a swanky rooftop restaurant; and rub elbows with the U.S. Ambassador to France at his official residence near the French presidential palace" in the hopes  of luring European businesses to South Carolina.

So, fiscal conservative, transaprent, lying, name-calling Nikki responded to the report that lavish European vacation by saying, "God bless that little girl at the Post and Courier."

Instantly people demanded that Haley apologize for what Bill Rogers, of the South Carolina Press Association, called a sexist, personal attack rather than a response to the story's facts.
But those of us in South Carolina know that Nikki, like most of the GOP, don't respond to facts. They name-call and belittle and ignore. That's our Nikki.

The State newspaper reported that South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian suggested Haley's remarks reflected “a lack of judgment and maturity" and that "it’s a disgrace that she would diminish a woman trying to do her job."

At first, Haley ignored the name-calling, and instead spent her time defending her five-star vacation, but ultimately, as the story would not die down, Haley said she regretted her choice of words.

She wasn't sorry for what she said, she simply regretted using those words.

That's our Nikki.
Liar. Name-caller.

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froggy said...

She forgot to bring back t-shirts for everyone.