Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Ain't One To Gossip, But.....

Okay, so I've often made light, well, okay, fun, of the Church of Scientology and it's members, like Missus and Missus Tom Cruise, and Missus and Missus Will Smith--who are still denying they're CoS. And Missus and Missus John Travolta.
But, you know, maybe there is something magical about the CoS after all.
I mean, they took John Travolta from brush cut balding to a full head of hair in a matter of weeks.
That picture there....on the right is John Travolta looking all balding and scarcely-there-hair. And, looking pretty good actually.
But then we have the left side of the photo, with Travolta rockin' the full head of hair. That photo was taken a matter of days after the first one.
See what i mean? The CoS can take a balding ALLEGEDLY gay actor and, in a fortnight, turn him into an ALLEGEDLY gay actor with a full head of hair.
Makes you wonder why the CoS isn't really the Hair Club for Men?

Dina and Lindsay, those Wacky Lohans made it to New York Fashion Week, and well, turned it into a week of drunken, drugged, debauchery.
Sounds like a typical week for the Lohan gals, though.
It started off with Lindsay, whose career is in the toilet, along with her stash if the police come a'knocking, ALLEGEDLY screaming at anyone and everyone who tried tot take her picture. Maybe it's because she looks like a sixty-year-old plastic surgery whore, I don't know.
And then, if a normal person, and by normal, I mean non-strung-out, tried to get close, Lindsay ALLEGEDLY would start throwing drinks. And she also ALLEGEDLY punched someone. Lohan also ALLEGEDLY held up the Indashio fashion show for an hour because she refused to get out of her car. She's fun, that Lohan.
In fact, her antics made her persona non welcome at the Marc Jacob's after party because she liked tossing drinks at photographers. Witnesses, and by witnesses I mean sober people who aren't all jacked up on the crazy, say that when a 'friend' of Lohan’s--and you know darn well it was Dina--tried to approach door staff at the Jacobs party to let her inside, she was rebuffed several times.
Organizers said to Lohan: “It’s not going to happen.”
So Lohan called on her pal, hotelier Vikram Chatwal, who walked her into the event, where she plopped her cracked-ass down near Dakota Fanning, who stars in Jacobs’ new perfume ad campaign.
Moments later, security approached Lohan and told her she wasn’t welcome, and the wacktress, er, cracktress, er, you know what I mean, was bounced from the event.
Lohan's rep--and I think that means Dina--had “no knowledge of either of these incidents” and was “unable to reach Lohan for clarification”.
Lohan and clarification?
That's funny.

File this under They're Divorced Already.
Gay-friendly Brad Pitt gave Parade magazine an interview in which he said “he wasn’t living an interesting life” before Jolie and was “trying to pretend my marriage was something that it wasn’t.” 
What, um, exactly is wrong with that? He was in a marriage he didn't want to be in, and he got out. No big deal, right?
Unless, you're a Jennifer Aniston fan, or work for Aniston, or are Aniston, because all of those folks took that quote and decides that Brad Pitt was saying Aniston was boring.
Seriously. And so now, nearly thirty years after they divorced, Pitt has had to issue a statement saying his words were misinterpreted.
A close pal of Anistan--and I think that means Courtney Cox--says, “She was annoyed. She thought it was rude and inappropriate.” And, ALLEGEDLY, Team Aniston “went ballistic” and then they got "involved and Brad was read the riot act."
Which lead to Brad Pitt releasing a statement that Anistan “is an incredibly giving, loving and hilarious woman.” With pit bulls working for her.
Seriously, AnisFans, let it go. He moved on, she moved on, build an effing bridge.
But they don't. Another source--and by source I mean someone with no life--says, “We think he’s jealous she’s in love.” And another thinks Angelina made Brad say something that could be misinterpreted as nasty about Aniston.
Again. Bridge. Build, Over.

You know, the cynic in me was wondering why Charlie Sheen seemed so jittery gracious to Ashton Kutcher and the 2.5 Men people at the Emmys over the weekend. 
It seemed so unSheenly.
Well, now I learned that he has lots of reasons to be the gracious fired former star of a cheesy sitcom. Twenty-five million reasons.
Charlie Sheen is apparently going to receive a $25 million settlement from Warner Bros. after originally suing them for $100 million for wrongful termination.
See, though Sheen acted the fool for many many months, he still showed up to work and did his "job" so his being firing was considered wrongful termination.
And worth $25 million.
I'm trying to find a way to be "wrongfully terminated" from my job, so i can collect twenty-five.........dollars.


froggy said...

The Engineer is of the opinion that only imperfect heads are covered with hair.

tamayn said...

Yeah, that's the unfortunate part. No normal life could ever traverse, much less survive, all the things Charlie Sheen has done, and had done to him, and come out the other side in one piece. I consider him to be the 80's answer to Keith Richards.

Anonymous said...

Charlie won. #Winning

BTW you missed the best part of the Lohans drinking it up last week. Did you see the picture of Dina and Lindsay kissing?

mistress maddie said...

Well Bob, I have always been in Jolie's corner. I don't think Jenny wants to push it too far. Angelina will have a breaking point before she makes a meal of Jenny and sucks her blood dry!!!!

And a major upgrade for the the Jacobs camp for taking out the trash!!!!!!

mistress maddie said...

And to Robyn, I checked out that link. I think a just got sick, alot!!!

Tivo Mom said...

maybe if you get drunk, have sex with hookers and still get a lot of people to care enough to roast you, then you can get 25....dollars. As for Lohan...Bless her heart. Travolta with or without hair is still weird as shit. And I am an Aniston fan but the stupid words were just that stupid words. By no means did Pitt put down Aniston. His marriage sucked. He got divorced. And Angelina scares me.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay Lohan is sad. (

Brad Pitt is cool.