Friday, September 02, 2011

I'll Gladly Pay You Tomorrow For A Wahlburger Today

Lifted straight from dlisted:

So, which Wahlburger would whet your appetite?
I'm all for the MarkyMark because the Donnie looks a little grisly and tough.

Marky Mark and Donnie Wahlberg are selling their pounded meat at a restaurant in Boston and they have named that mess the best name of a burger place since Fudruckers, Beef 'N' Buns and Burger, She Wrote. They are naming that shit: WAHLBURGERS. WAHLBURGERS! This almost makes up for the death of Kenny Rogers Roasters.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Marky Mark and Donnie have already leased a 4,300 square foot space at Hingham Shipyard near their Eye-talian restaurant Alma Nove. They are also planning to open a pizza place sometime next year.

WAHLBURGERS! What a damn mess. I bet you they'll have shit on the menu like Say Hi To Your Muthah's Cookies, The Right Stuffed Baked Potato, Please Don't Go Grilled Cheese, Good Piebrations and Funky Bunch of Lettuce Leaves.

And I'm sure after they open that pizza restaurant, they'll open a Vietnamese takeout place called Phuk Yu Up.


Anonymous said...

I’ve always liked Mark Whalberg’s buns. Now I can finally buy them!

tamayn said...

So just to be clear: he will always be Marky Mark to a majority of people?