Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Special ISBL.......

.....welcome to Malcolm McLachlan AKA Old Midhurstian.

Now, why the name old Midhurstian, you ask? Well, because Mac "attended Midhurst Grammar School in West Sussex between 1964 and 1971" and so that makes him an old Midhurstian.

Anyway, Mac lives across the pond and he writes some very interesting things. Check him out HERE.

....and let's say Hi ya'll to Biki, from c-c-c-cold Alaska. She declares hersefl "Gloriously alive! Loud, excited, interested, info input junkie, female. Married to my best friend, children. it doesn't matter in the end what you name me, just what you think of me."

Check her out HERE and HERE

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Kyle said...

Always nice to see new members! Welcome Malcolm and Biki.